AEM to Offer Better IC Test With Latest Test Tool

Test and handling solutions provider AEM has introduced a new burn-in capability for its AMPS high-parallel test platform. Specifically, the new model, AMPS-BI, is a high-power, high-throughput, fully automated burn-in system.  It features patented advanced multi-zone Intelligent Thermal Control. 

Moreover, AMPS-BI can efficiently perform accelerated high-voltage stress testing on advanced semiconductor devices such as AI processors and high-performance computing units.

Efficient Scalable Solution

High voltage stress testing is critical to ensure the reliability of AI chips and other semiconductor devices.  In addition, it exposes devices under test to extended periods of operation under stressful conditions. This detects potential failures or defects before reaching the end consumer. 

AMPS-BI high-parallel test platform

Presently, leading-edge process technology nodes and advanced heterogeneous packages with chiplets manufacture AI processors and high-performance compute devices.

Moreover, the overall cost of test to provide the highest quality of the final package is increasing significantly. Thus, AMPS-BI leverages AEM’s decades of experience in automation, thermal management, and application-specific test instruments. This enables the company to offer customers a scalable solution that reduces test times. Meanwhile, it can also help in increasing overall test coverage, delivering a cost-of-test advantage for its users.

AEM’s AMPS-BI delivers:

  • Fully automated modular system. Capable of simultaneous high voltage stress testing of hundreds of devices in parallel.
  • Patented Multi-zone Intelligent Thermal Control (ITC). In addition, it has scalable to >2KW per device, with precision control for thermal stability during test.
  • Application-specific test instruments. Optimized for customer requirements to ensure optimal yield.
  • Individual device test control and instrumentation allow for asynchronous operation. Thus, enabling pattern changing on the fly, and high system utilization
  • Support for device-specific change kits and consumables. This includes burn-in boards and sockets.
  • Support for advanced package formats. They are scalable beyond 100mm x 100mm package sizes
  • Upgradable for System Level Test. The tri-temperature, and higher throughput
  • Fully supports JEDEC-based I/O. Moreover, it supports full Factory 4.0 automation support.

Highly Parallel Modular Automated Test

Amy Leong, Chief Executive Officer of AEM said the company is steadfast in delivering innovation and excellence in semiconductor testing. Specifically, Leong noted the company is a pioneer in providing cost-effective, highly parallel modular automated test and handling solutions.

“I am incredibly proud of our team for developing this new generation of Burn-In (BI) systems, which will significantly help AI chip designers, foundries, and OSAT customers accelerate their roadmaps.”

Earlier, AEM announced that its burn-in test system has been selected as the Plan-of-Record solution by a major fabless provider. Particularly, of high-performance compute (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) semiconductor chips.

AEM’s Test 2.0 paradigm is at the forefront of test solutions for next-generation advanced logic devices. Specifically, they include high-performance compute and AI.

Finally, AEM leads the industry in Active Thermal Control, Advanced Factory Automation, and Test Instrumentation.

11 July 2024