Sakuu and SK On Usher in New EV Battery Tech

Sakuu®, a leading American provider of commercial-scale equipment and technologies to the battery manufacturing industry, has entered into a joint development agreement (JDA) with global manufacturer SK On, one of the leading suppliers of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).

Particularly, this partnership marks a significant milestone in their continuous efforts to advance next-generation battery manufacturing innovation. Primarily, they address current industry challenges, while enabling next-generation solutions for tomorrow. Central to the agreement is the industrialization of the dry process Kavian platform.

EV battery manufacturing platform

Access to Dry Process Manufacturing

In Dec. 2023, Sakuu announced early access to its dry process Kavian platform. Immediately after, SK On, the fifth largest battery manufacturer, is among the first to partner with Sakuu in developing the revolutionary Kavian platform.

Gains Ground in U.S. EV Battery Landscape

Currently, in the U.S., SK On operates two EV battery plants in Commerce, Georgia. Further, it is expanding its presence in the southern portion of the country. Specifically, it is constructing additional EV battery plants through joint ventures with Ford Motor Co. and Hyundai Motor Group.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic partnership with Sakuu,” said Dr. Rhee Jang-weon, Chief Technology Officer of SK On. “We look forward to working closely with Sakuu to accelerate innovations in the manufacturing processes for EV battery electrodes.”

Sakuu’s breakthroughs in dry process manufacturing and the printing of electrodes eliminate the use of solvents. Also, they pave the way for the use of new processes in battery manufacturing that will enable cost-effective, higher-performance batteries that are also environmentally friendly.

“Together, (both companies) are ushering in a new era in battery manufacturing technology, advancing safety, sustainability, and innovation in battery technology,” said Robert Bagheri, founder and CEO of Sakuu.

“With Sakuu’s pioneering technology and SK On’s best-in-class EV battery manufacturing expertise, we’re addressing the core issues facing battery makers today.”

Mainly, this collaboration will bring a new transformative technology that aims to be the new gold standard for battery manufacturing.

-11 July 2024-