Smartphones, TVs, and Appliances Talk with Each Other to Share Data Seamlessly

Samsung Electronics said that said that it has incorporated cross-device connectivity solution ‘Matter’ across its consumer and home appliance devices, allowing users to seamlessly share data across these devices using Samsung SmartThings home IoT hub platform.

The integration of Matter into Samsung devices will allow Samsung’s Galaxy devices, TVs, and Family Hub appliances to communicate with each other through SmartThings hub platform to share data seamlessly.

Unveiled earlier this year, Matter is an industry-changing connectivity standard that more than 180 companies are rallying behind, promising to transform the smart home industry.

SmartThings platform is a home IoT service hub platform that is serviced by its home IoT service subsidiary SmartThings Inc, which was acquired in August 2014.    

Matter aims to become the de-facto standard in every home, offering consumers interoperability between devices, flexibility, and more choices when purchasing connected home devices.

As an initial founding member, SmartThings is one of the most flexible platforms able to work with multiple protocols including, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and now, Matter, enabling consumers with existing smart homes to seamlessly integrate new devices into their homes.

Cross-device Connectivity

“We truly believe that Matter is the foundation and future of IoT, and we are thrilled that Samsung SmartThings will be embedding it into so many products accelerating smart home adoption and bringing users more convenient connected home experiences wherever they are,” said Michelle Mindala-Freeman, Head of Marketing for the Connectivity Standards Alliance for Matter.

“Samsung TVs, appliances, and Galaxy devices are part of everyday life for millions of people around the world and integrating SmartThings hub functionality into these devices will make it easier for users to experience connected living without additional hardware purchase. On top of that, adding Matter support into the SmartThings platform will only broaden the choices of devices to connect as Matter-enabled devices flood into the market next year,” said Jaeyeon Jung, corporate vice president at Samsung Electronics and Head of SmartThings.

“Matter will help drive a surge in smart home adoption, and with SmartThings, it will be easier for users to gain smart home experiences with seamless device onboarding, customized automation, and a choice of voice assistants. We’re proud to have been leading this standardization initiative since its inception, alongside other industry leaders in an effort to bring the Matter protocol to life.”

Matter-enabled devices will join numerous products and brands already available within SmartThings’ vast ecosystem, including devices from Google, eve Systems, Honeywell Home by Resideo, Linksys, Nanoleaf, Philips Hue, Schlage, Wemo, Yale, and more.

Historically, the connected home has been very fragmented and SmartThings has been the glue that connects devices together across brands and platforms. SmartThings’ open platform brings together devices, developers, and services to offer one of the largest integrated ecosystems. With hundreds of certified brands and millions of users on the platform, SmartThings facilitates innovations in connected living across multiple use cases.

Samsung will bring Matter to multiple products in 2022 as the new standard becomes available and fully integrates into the SmartThings platform.