FUJI's Novel Platforms Raise Mounting Standards

NXTR Electronic Component Mounter 

1. Zero placement defects

Stable, high-quality placement can be maintained using a newly developed sensing technology to monitor the status of the machine in real time and to control the stress on parts and panels at the same time.

2. Zero machine operators

The newly developed Smart Loader completely automates parts supply and changeover for next production according to the production schedule. This prevents short stops from errors in part supply and similar issues caused by delays and mistakes during supply work.

3. Zero machine stops

NXTR continues the complete modularity concept employed by NXT. Heads and other units can be exchanged without tools, making it possible to perform maintenance offline. Predictive maintenance is made possible through self-diagnosis, preventing sudden machine stops from affecting the production plan.

NXT III FUJI Scalable Placement Platform

1. Real modularity

Freely combine and rearrange units easily due to complete modularization.

Make the optimum configuration that matches customers’ production needs and keep production going by performing offline maintenance through exchanging units.

2. High speed, high accuracy

In the increasing pursuit for accuracy and speed, FUJI has achieved a high speed throughput up to 42,000cph* (productivity priority mode) and a high accuracy of ±0.015mm* (heightened accuracy mode) for high density placements.

3. State-of-the-art placements

High-accuracy placement of ±0.025mm at 35,000cph is possible even for the next generation of 0201mm (008004″) parts.

PoP placement and die placement can be supported by loading a dip flux unit.

AIMEX IIIc FUJI Flexible Placement Platform

Designed as compact machine for high-mix production, this flexible placement machine supports high-mix, on-demand production.

1. Can load a huge quantity of parts

Up to 130 reel parts can be set on one machine. This reduces the number of times part changeover needs to be performed. Fully supports large parts by being able to load tray parts on both sides.

2. Flexibility to place a wide range of parts

Places a wide variety of parts from 03015 up to 70×70mm in one machine with the DynaHead. Changes to the optimum tool and nozzles in one action.

3. Smoothly ramp up production

Automatic part data creation and on-machine editing using a large touchscreen panel supports ramping up new production and quick responses to sudden changes for programs.

4. Easy to introduce, compact design

Effectively uses floor space with the compact machine size of 1,280×2,346×1,656mm (L×W×H).

GPX-C High Accuracy Solder Printing Machine 

This is a cost-effective printer to achieve a higher level of quality than printers on the same price range.

1. Stable printing quality

Alignment accuracy of ±12µm; Reduces variation in solder filling amount with FUJI’s original print pressure feedback control.

2. Large panel support

Supports large panels up to 610mm. With a low-pressure clamping mechanism, low rigidity panels with a thickness 0.3mm can clamped without deforming.

3. Cost performance

Always ensures a stable amount of solder by using the automatic solder supply function. A unit for directly setting solder cups is also available, and the cost of maintenance and the operation time can be reduced by eliminating needless filling work.

SmartFAB Multi-purpose Automated Fabrication Machine 

A machine that automates insertion of electronic components, which is usually performed manually, for high productivity, high quality, and labor savings.

1. Value added production

A wide variety of tools, such as nozzles and chucks, are equipped inside the machine as standard. Parts with various shapes can be supported by automatically exchanging these tools during production. By exchanging units designed based on the module concept, it is possible to load large odd-form parts to be inserted, solder using a selective soldering unit, and even assemble power modules, for actual value added production.

2. Support for a wide variety of parts

A wide range of units are available. Many different supply types such as radial feeders, axial feeders, trays, sticks, and loose parts are supported. A wide range of part sizes can also be supported, from 1608 (0603″) to 190×190mm, with heights up to 110mm and weighs up to 200g.