New Remote Access Solution Advances Connectivity

The onset of pandemic has paved way for the use of remote access solutions particularly for industrial equipment. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have been using remote connectivity to customers’ equipment.

This trend reduces workplace exposure to the dreaded COVID-19 virus. In addition, this also minimizes travel, service equipment transfer, and reduces downtime. Because of remote access solutions of Rockwell Automation, OEMs can easily realize their benefits, especially on new remote access solution for industrial equipment from Rockwell Automation.

Secure Remote Access Solution

Rockwell Automation’s solution packages together everything OEMs need to remotely access and support equipment. In particular, the remote access solution includes the FactoryTalk Remote Access cloud-based software. In hindsight, this allows OEMs to manage, configure and initiate secure connections to a customer’s equipment.

Also included is the Stratix 4300 remote access router, which customers install at their site to provide remote access to the equipment. The remote access solution incorporates robust security capabilities including multi-factor authentication and encrypted protocols. A digital input also gives on-site staff control of remote connections, so they are only necessary when enabled locally.

Rockwell Automation’s Stratix 4300 remote access router

To ease deployment, the solution requires no changes to an existing architecture so long as an Ethernet port is available.

“OEMs that have adopted remote access to reduce on-site visitors during the pandemic quickly discovered it could also help them reduce costs and respond more quickly to customer needs,” said Julie Nguyen, Product Manager, Rockwell Automation. “Now, demand for remote access is growing. We can help companies implement it with robust security and a simplified deployment.”

Designed With OEMs in Mind

The remote access solution can position OEMs to meet current and future remote support needs. In addition, the router supports today’s data requirements, and all-gigabit ports make it ready for newer, more bandwidth-heavy remote support capabilities as needed.

The solution is ideal for OEMs that want to support remote and hard-to-reach operations, like those found in oil, gas, mining, metals, and cement industries. The solution can also ease support in industries where OEMs today may need to travel long distances to support equipment.

Additionally, OEMs can use the solution to reimagine how they support customers, such as with virtual commissioning and remote firmware management.

This new remote access solution Rockwell Automation designed with OEMs in mind. The company also offers a wide range of remote access services for manufacturers, including 24/7 remote application monitoring and support to help customers proactively address maintenance issues. Remote threat detection services also help customers monitor, detect, and react to cybersecurity threats at the deepest levels of their OT network traffic.