Kontron, Hailo Launch High-Performance Edge AI Inference Solutions

Kontron, a leading global provider of internet of things (IoT)/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), has forged a strategic technology partnership with leading artificial intelligence (AI) chipmaker Hailo to offer next-generation AI edge inference solutions.

The advanced Hailo-8 AI processor, performing at 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) at a typical power consumption of less than 2.5W, enables edge devices to run at performance levels previously only possible in the cloud.

The strategic collaboration offers customers a new level of high-performance, scalable AI-edge application-ready platforms for a wide range of market segments such as Industry 4.0, smart cities, smart retail and more.

2.5-inch single board computer pITX-iMX8M-AI-H8

Scalable IoT Solutions

Kontron’s pITX-iMX8M-AI-H8 Arm-based 2.5-inch single board computer (SBC) and KBox A-150-WKL-AI-H8 x86-based feature a range of Intel Core i processors e.g. 8365UE (formerly Whiskey Lake) for X86-based applications. They are compact, energy-efficient, fanless high-performance edge compute platforms that seamlessly integrate the best-in-class Hailo-8 AI-accelerator.

Along with preinstalled drivers and BSP, the complete software toolchain is available under Hailo’s developer zone website. Hailo’s developer zone includes numerous pre-trained neural networks (model zoo), a bit–accurate simulator and performance tool, the Hailo dataflow compiler, and the Hailo TAPPAS high performance application toolkit. These enable the highly efficient implementation of innovative AI solutions at reduced time-to-market and engineering costs.

KBox A-150-WKL-AI-H8

 “Our AI strategy at Kontron is to provide scalable, best-in-class IoT/IIoT solutions for a host of different applications and markets. Our strategic technology partnership with Hailo enables us to offer our customers a new level of AI-edge application-ready platforms. The partnership also includes the joint creation of new AI-ready board level products and custom solutions on a project basis,” said Christoph Neumann, VP Technology of the Kontron group.

“In addition, we offer extensive AI project services, including software application consulting and integration, as well as the training of neural networks via our own data scientists,” said Neumann.

“More and more enterprises require edge AI solutions that ensure their devices are more powerful, versatile, responsive and secure in order to keep up with the growing demand for technological innovation across industries,” said Liran Bar, VP Business Development of Hailo.

According to Bar, Hailo’s partnership with Kontron bolsters its ability to address the growing demand for high-performance and scalable AI-edge application-ready platforms for a range of applications – from inspection systems to robotics to semi-autonomous driving and beyond.

“Our work with Kontron is taking us one step closer towards ushering in a new era of AI solutions at the edge,” he said.