JSR Intensifies Efforts on Photoresists

JSR Corporation offers photoresists for semiconductor circuit formation and materials for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP). The company utilizes polymer technologies it has accumulated for this development. JSR is also enhancing its production structure in anticipation of demand increase.

In the semiconductor industry, advanced technologies like 3nm process are now being established. This development further advances circuit microfabrication from 5nm and 7nm circuit processes. Under this scenario, photoresists are becoming particularly important.

Global Market Leadership

The company holds about 30 percent of the global market for photoresists for argon fluoride (ArF) immersion, estimated at 90 billion yen. The market for such photoresists for high-functionality semiconductors is expected to continue growing.

JSR’s plant in Oregon

Also, the company is among the leaders in advanced photoresists for extreme ultraviolet (EUV). Demand for EUV photoresists is expected to rise on the back of 5th generation (5G) mobile communication expansion. Thus, chemical firms are increasing the production of photoresists. JSR also aims to be a leader in this field.

For the global market, the company offers products used in combination with photoresists, including multilayer materials, CMP materials, cleaning solutions and packaging materials.

Functional Cleaning Solution

As semiconductor manufacturing processes are becoming more complex, high-functionality cleaning solutions are becoming more necessary in order to prevent defects. Demand for cleaning solutions capable of preventing corrosion of substrate wafers or removing impurities generated during wafer polishing is expected.

JSR is expecting growth in functional cleaning solutions. Thus, the company has established a new plant for advanced functional cleaning solutions in the United States in anticipation of demand increase. It has already started commercial production of the solutions. Although it has not disclosed how much it invested in the plant, it is estimated to be around 10 billion yen. The company plans to steadily step up the plant’s operation.

Potential of Semiconductor Material Business

The company expects that its semiconductor material business will grow twice the average annual growth rate of the entire market. It expects to achieve approximately 50 percent growth in fiscal 2024 compared with fiscal 2019.

JSR is increasing efforts to develop and sell new products and to expand its portfolio of products including peripheral materials. It is expanding its presence in markets, such as the United States, countries in Europe, Taiwan, South Korea and China, and is planning to offer products for 3D integrated circuits. It is also willing to make use of quantum computers to develop materials.