New Factory to Reinforce TAIYO YUDEN’s Capacity

TAIYO YUDEN CO., LTD. will construct a factory on the premises of TAIYO YUDEN (CHANGZHOU) CO., LTD. The company plans the new facility to start producing multilayer ceramic capacitors in 2023.

Multilayer ceramic capacitors are electronic components for which demand is expected to grow. They are indispensable for the technical evolution of vehicles, such as the ongoing electrification and the use of electronic controls, as well as for communication infrastructures, such as servers and base station communication equipment, and for 5G smartphones.

Artist’s rendition of the new factory building inside TAIYO YUDEN (CHANGZHOU)

Reinforce Production Capacity

As a growth strategy and part of the company’s medium-term management plan 2025, the company will construct a factory on the premises of TAIYO YUDEN (CHANGZHOU). The purpose is to establish a production system that can respond to the expected increase in future demand.

TAIYO YUDEN established TAIYO YUDEN (CHANGZHOU) in 2019 to prepare for full-scale production. Incidentally, the Changzhou facility also forms part of the company’s medium-term management plan 2025. Particularly, the plan aims to boost the production of its multilayer ceramic capacitors.

The new cutting-edge factory will be environment friendly. Correspondingly, the Changzhou facility will contribute to the company’s reduced greenhouse gases footprint. Moreover, the said plant will employ energy-efficient production equipment and will make tap energy creation by installing solar panels on its roof, among others.

Standing on a site area of 220,000sq.m, TAIYO YUDEN (CHANGZHOU) is in Wujin High-Tech Industrial Development zone in China’s Jiangsu province. In addition, TAIYO YUDEN established the Changzhou branch in August 2019 with a capital of US$200 million as of September 2021.

With the planned new factory inside the Changzhou facility, the company plans to reinforce its global production multilayer ceramic capacitors.