ASM Displays Integrated Smart Factory in Action

By integrating hardware and software solutions for an integrated smart factory, ASM Assembly Systems highlighted at NEPCON China 2021 its latest generation of the high-performance SIPLACE TX micron placement machine for advanced packaging and high-density applications, along with smart ASM factory solutions that synchronize all production resources for optimized performance.  In the ‘Experience Area’, ASM allowed its visitors to saw the advantages of automated, AIV-supported material logistics and experienced how smart operator pools work much more efficiently and reliably with guidance from ASM Command Center software and state-of-the-art augmented reality techniques.

Photo 1: SIPLACE TX micron

“The Chinese market and volume-driven factories are extremely demanding in terms of performance, quality and efficiency. At the NEPCON trade show in Shanghai we brought to life the immense progress we have made in the integrated smart factory,” explains Herbert Hofmann, Vice President and Managing Director ASM Assembly Systems China at ASM. 

Integrated Smart Factory Solution

Under the motto ASM Integrated Smart Factory Solution, smart ASM hardware and software solutions synchronize the four production factors — people, equipment, material and processes —to deliver more efficient workflows ranging from planning to material management, production, and factory-wide integration. Customers will benefit from the optimized use of equipment and people, more resiliency through a comprehensively connected production flow, smartly automated material supplies, and significantly improved quality and yield through closed-loop systems.

Maximum Precision, Efficiency for SiPs, Modules

The latest generation of the SIPLACE TX micron raises advanced packaging and high-density applications to a new level of productivity, efficiency, and quality. With a 23-percent increase in performance, placement accuracies of up to 15µm @ 3σ and component distances of as little as 50µm, the SIPLACE TX micron is the fastest and most precise machine ASM has ever developed. For sensitive parts such as thin dies, flip-chips or 0201m components, the placement process can be programmed for each individual component and position with features like touchless pickup and zero-force placement. Innovative functions like cracked-die inspection and die chipping detection recognize faulty thin dies and reject them before they are placed. The SIPLACE TX micron takes up only 2.23 by 1.0 meters of floorspace and is Class 7–certified as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1, making it ideal for use in tight cleanroom environments.

Industry-Leading SPI Expert System

The latest version of the ASM ProcessExpert, a self-learning inline SPI system, opens up new possibilities for controlling and optimizing printing processes. Features for faster programming deliver exceptional flexibility, and the solution’s full support of IPC Hermes 9852 and IPC CFX ensures its complete integration into the process communication.

Photo 2: ASM ProcessExpert

Software Solutions for Integrated Smart Factory

The broad portfolio of high-performance ASM software solutions provides the basis for the integrated smart factory. ASM Factory Equipment Center celebrates its trade fair premiere as the first solution for factory-wide, non-proprietary asset and maintenance management. And the new ASM Command Center makes it possible to break up the traditional rigid assignment of operators to specific lines and replace it with software-driven smart operator pools that can be flexibly deployed anywhere. The software prioritizes all assist requests and assigns them via mobile devices to properly trained operators. In addition, ASM subsidiary Critical Manufacturing will present a manufacturing execution system (MES) solution that is specifically tailored for the electronics industry’s needs.

Photo 3: ASM Factory Equipment Center
Photo 4: ASM Command Center

The ASM Experience Area

In the Experience Area of the ASM booth, visitors saw a complete SMT line with a DEK TQ high-volume printer, the ASM ProcessExpert SPI system, and SIPLACE TX and SIPLACE TX micron placement solutions. Also shown in action will be the highly flexible DEK NeoHorizon 03iX with the new DEK MASS singulated substrate tool as well as the SIPLACE X4iS and the SIPLACE SX2 equipped with the extensive OSC Package. In addition, the smart supply of materials to lines and machines was demonstrated with automated robots.