Geek+ Trots Globe with Fleets of AMRs

Logistics and warehouse system are going digital in earnest. As a growing number of shoppers are flocking online to buy everything from daily necessities to fashion apparels to designers’ clothes, e-commerce platform companies are aggressively digitalizing their warehouse and logistics system for quick and on-time delivery.

The digitization of the logistics system also can ensure job efficiency and cost saving, but also ease down labor shortages.    

Geek+ of Gina is cashing in on the digitization.

The Chinese AMR, or autonomous mobile robotics maker recently has joined hands with CJ Logistics, Korean 3PL, or third-party logistics service providers, to supply a fleet of 128 autonomous mobile robots.

The deal is the second of its kind ever, following the footstep of CJ’s deploying an army of Geek+ AMRs across its Dongtan warehouses and distribution center in the outskirts of capital Seoul.

Lured by the efficiency and cost-savings, CJ decided to deploy the fleet of 128 AMRs in its Gunpo warehouse and logistics center.

CJ Logistics is the third-party logistics service provider for Naver Shopping, one of Korea’s top 3 e-commerce platform.

Streamline Logistics System  

Geek+ partners with CJ Logistics to digitize the way that goods are kept and delivered

Online shopping is now one of the fastest growing sector in Korea, as ‘stay-at-home’ and ‘untact’ phenomenon are driving online buying frenzy.   

According to the United States International Trade Administration, online purchases in Korea reached $136.5 billion in 2020, 17% up from $116.0 billion in 2019.  

128 AMRs robots have been deployed at CJ Logistics’s Gunpo site to handle 30,000 orders per day. 

They will cover 8300m2 of allocated space within CJ Logistics’s 10,000m2 warehouse.

By integrating Geek+ AMRs into their WMS system, CJ Logistics expects to improve their operations efficiency by 33%.

The picking AMRs are part of the Geek+ goods-to-person solution and will automate the picking process by bringing the inventory shelves to the warehouse operator at the picking station. 

The AMRs provide better support for high throughput demand and can cover the site’s 24/7 operations. 

Lit Fung, Geek+’s managing director for APAC, UK, and Americas, said: “We are delighted that CJ Logistics have placed their faith in us to extend our already successful cooperation. We can’t wait to see our robots give them flexibility, adaptability, and precision in dealing with the vigorous market growth. We believe there is a huge demand for AMRs robots in Korea, so we set up a full team there to support companies with professional knowledge and service to facilitate digital transformation.” 

Kim Khunghoon, managing director of CJ Logistics said: “We are excited to use smart robots to improve our supply chain operations and increase our competitiveness. We’re pleased to extend our partnership with Geek+ to our Gunpo warehouse after seeing the efficiency and accuracy improvements that Geek+’s technology has delivered in our Dongtan distribution center.” 

Spanning Globe

Geek+’s AMRs are working their way to carry carts at Bollore Logistics of Australia

Geek+’s global trotting doesn’t stop there.

The Chinese AMR maker has hit another deal with Ariay International, a U.S, based footwear and apparel brand.

Geek+’s solution was implemented in collaboration with its strategic partner Korber, a global leader in supply chain software.   

By integrating Geek+ picking and moving robots into Ariat’s supply chain, the solutions improve operational flexibility and order picking efficiency, while reducing labor intensity in its distribution center.

Ariat can realize a rapid return on its investment and quickly establish an intelligent supply chain that meets increased consumer demand.

The solution will also be able to move Ariat’s employees away from repetitive tasks and toward more rewarding activities.

Geek+ and Korner also signed a fleet of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to meet the unique requirements of global third-party logistics provider Bolloré Logistics of Australia.

The solution, a first in the Australian 3PL scene, allows Bolloré Logistics to offer state of the art logistics services to their luxury retail clients.

The AMR solution increased storage density and raised order fulfilment efficiency to 8000 orders per day, while surpassing the picking accuracy possible with traditional picking methods.

The solution now facilitates the efficient delivery of luxury goods for various brands via multiple e-commerce platforms and retail outlets across Australia and New Zealand.