JUKI Builds up Automated Components Warehouses

JUKI Corporation has been enriching its lineup of automated electronic components warehouses, or intelligent storage management systems, which constitute JUKI Smart Solution, and has been proposing the warehouses to other industries. JUKI Smart Solution is its flagship networking solution that realizes high-efficiency production of surface mounting lines.

An automated electronic components warehouse stores electronic components to be supplied to surface mounters in tape reels. A robot picks up the electronic components in tape reels from the warehouse and puts them on an automated guided vehicle (AGV), which then efficiently transfers them.

Through its long collaboration with ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE S.r.l. that started in 2013, JUKI has advanced its interests in automated electronic components warehouses. ESSEGI SYSTEM SERVICE is the predecessor of ESSEGI AUTOMATION S.r.l., a manufacturer of automated electronic components warehouses. In Aug. 2019, JUKI invested in ESSEGI AUTOMATION and made it a group company. At present, JUKI Industrial Equipment Technology Corporation, which produces JUKI’s mounters, is also producing automated components warehouses.

JUKI’s intelligent storage management system

JUKI’s lineup of automated components warehouses comprises ISM3600 (max. 3,600 reels), ISM2000, ISM1800, ISM1100, and ISM550, meeting different storage capacities.

The company has added the ISM3900 extension module to be connected to the back of ISM3600, enabling the storage of more than 11,000 reels. ISM3900 can be integrally operated with ISM3600.

Proposal to Other Industries

JUKI has begun to propose the use of automated components warehouses not only for electronic components but also for storage of products other than electronics, such as plastic molded components and metal components, and has been cultivating other markets. The company pitches the efficient transfer of complex combination components through automated pickup and the linkage with AGV.

The RV-2-3DH three-dimensional (3D) printed circuit board inspection system adopts a 12-million-pixel camera. By applying the process mode, it can be used for measurement and visual inspection applications in various factories in addition to electronic board manufacturing factories. This system achieves automation of visual inspection, which used to be performed manually, as well as labor saving, and quality improvements, including planarity inspection of processed components and clearance inspection of machines. The company has already supplied the system for the inspection of glass lenses.