R&D Center Promotes MEMS Foundry Business

Micromachine Center (MMC) operates the MicroNano Open Innovation Center (MNOIC) as part of its efforts to promote micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS).

MMC is a non-profit foundation that promotes the technical development of MEMS. It endeavors to expand MNOIC’s foundry business. MMC was established in January 1992, making its 30th founding anniversary this year.

MEMS are devices and systems that apply semiconductor manufacturing, laser processing, and fine process technologies to combine micro electrical element and mechanical element on a single substrate. They also include sensors and actuators. 

These sensors feature ultraminiature size, high precision, and excellent energy saving characteristics. They have been used widely as devices that connect man and machine in diverse fields, including information and communications, automobiles and robots, in creating an internet of things (IoT) society.

Silicon-oxide film dry etching systems installed at MicroNano Open Innovation Center

Promotes R&D in MEMS   

MNOIC was established in April 2011 at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Tsukuba City, Japan. It was a project of the MEMS Industry Forum@MMC designed to provide a venue to achieve innovations in the micronano field through industry-academia collaboration. 

MNOIC provides research and development on MEMS and trial production services. It uses the MEMS research and development bases that support 8- and 12-inch wafers. It also supports the development of prototypes from the initial stage of R&D to actual product development. 

MNOIC has the facilities necessary for research and trial production of MEMS. It has areas for cleaning, deposition, lithography, etching, joining process, and process evaluation, as well as an 8- and 12-inch-compabile MEMS line clean room. It can also produce MEMS in small quantities. 

Hidekazu Hasegawa, Executive Director, MMC

Hidekazu Hasegawa, Executive Director, Micromachine Center, says, “Since its creation, MNOIC has supported private companies on MEMS research and received outsourcing requests for the manufacturing process. It has contributed to the development of MEMS technology and industry in Japan to a certain degree.”

“To meet diverse requirements of a wide range of users, we will further expand and strengthen operation of the foundry business,” notes Hasegawa.