Unique Features Cap Rexxam’s New PCBA Coat Systems

Rexxam Co., Ltd. has expanded its Pegasus printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) auto coating and inspection system and released Pegasus-300F. Accordingly, a PCBA auto coating & inspection system moisture-proofs, which protects PCBAs.

Earlier in 2021, the company released Pegasus-600I inline-type PCBA auto coating & inspection system. It features intuitive operation and two types of coating nozzles, namely the film coat and needle types. Consequently, they achieve optimum coating conditions.

In addition, it has a built-in camera, and automatically inspects uncoated part and splashing. Thus, contributing to efficient production of PCBAs. 

Rexxam’s PCBA auto coating & inspection machines showcased at NEPCON Japan.

Offers Great Cost Performance

Rexxam’s new Pegasus-300F is a desktop type machine for ease of installation. In addition, it provides excellent cost performance.  The machine can coat moisture-proof agent at high speed using the film coat nozzle. Like Pegasus-600I, Pegasus-300F has teaching and inspection functions using a built-in camera. Aside from being a standalone equipment, it can also act as an inline system by using optional mounting structure and the cover. 

Both models support PCBAs measuring 50×50mm to 330×330mm (board thickness of 0.5 to 2.0mm). They can coat the area of 330×250mm. The inline type measures 770(W)×960(D)×1,490(H)mm.

Rexxam showcased PCBA auto coating & inspection systems at the recent NEPCON Japan along with automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.