Yamaha Motor Expands 24/7 SMT Support Service

In enhancing its surface mount technology (SMT) business, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. gives high priority to improving customers’ manufacturing productivity. For that reason, the company makes sure to respond promptly to customer concerns and other requests related to equipment.  

Accordingly, offering remote maintenance service to its customers is one of the primary drives of the company. Hence, Yamaha Motor offered its 24-hour Support Service adding to its Remote Machine Support. This is part of customer support for SMT lines.

In expanding its existing remote machine support, Yamaha Motor’s 24-Hour Support Service will guarantee to improve customer’s manufacturing productivity.
Yamaha Motor’s Remote Machine Support for SMT line

Addresses Machine Troubles Remotely

The Remote Machine Support displays the customer’s machine screen remotely on Yamaha service engineer’s personal computer via the Internet. As a result, the service engineer can share the screen with the customer and identify the cause of trouble. 

At this time of COVID-19 pandemic, making a visit to a customer’s factory has been a challenge most of the time. Therefore, the Remote Machine Support can solve machine troubles and improve problems remotely. Hence, has been receiving high evaluation of customers.

Recently, the company added a service to obtain the history of customer’s machine operation conditions to visualize loss time, and regularly report the results to customers. Furthermore, Yamaha Motor has expanded its conventional service to 24-hour Support Service.

Through virtual conversations, Yamaha service engineer investigates machine trouble, makes urgent request for part shipment, and explains operation method. Moreover, the company provides sense of security to customers by putting in place an environment to enable the company to speedily respond to customers’ troubles.