Japan Unix Releases New Soldering Robot Models

Japan Unix Co., Ltd. has expanded the lineup of SOLDER MEISTER top-of-the-line models of soldering robots. The company has released new models one after another. It has been increasing sales of soldering robots by linking it company sponsored webinars.

Global Business

Japan Unix is a specialized manufacturer of soldering systems and equipment, with soldering robots as mainstay products, It deploys its business globally. The company has sales bases in Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, Seoul in Korea, Penang in Malaysia, New Jersey in North America, and Guadalajara in Mexico.

Kentaro Kono, General Manager, Japan Unix Co., Ltd., says, “The manufacturing industry has recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic, and so has been the demand for soldering robots.  Expectations for further expansion of demand have been growing.” 

Kentaro Kono, General Manager, Japan Unix Co., Ltd.

“However various components, including semiconductors, are in short supply, and our company is also affected by this supply chain issue. In 2021, we aggressively released new products of soldering robots. At the same time, we also bolstered software that improves ease of use and functionalities. I expect that these new products will contribute to sales in 2022.”

New Generation of Soldering Robots

In 2021, Japan Unix brought to market two models in the FR Series: the UNIX-VFR vertically articulated robot and UNIX-HFR horizontally articulated robot. They are under SOLDER MEISTER, the top-of-the-line models of soldering robots.

The FR Series was marketed as new-generation soldering robots designed for fully automated production lines.

The UNIX-VFR supports three-dimensional (3D) mounting and can solder mounting surfaces with angles from optimum angles. This feature takes advantage of the vertically articulated robot. All of Japan Unix’s soldering robots are equipped with a communication network function to have internet of things (IoT) capability. Thus, they enable the operator to change setting of soldering conditions remotely, in addition to the monitoring and tracing of operation status.

UNIX-HFR laser soldering robot

Expanded Line of Software, Technologies

The company has also expanded models that support Soldering Manager soldering robot management software. It also provides Thermo Pro, which enables temperature management and control during soldering.

On the technology front, the company has developed Area Laser, a laser irradiation technology for soldering robots. The technology provides uniform energy within the laser irradiation area. It can irradiate beams of shapes other than circular, such as square and rectangular.

Regular Webinars

Japan Unix started in July 2020 the holding of webinars on a regular basis, as a means to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. In the webinars, the company introduces and explains the use of soldering robots. As Japan Unix is an exclusive agency of U.S.-based IPC International, Inc., which sells standard specifications and promotes standards, the company also introduces IPC standards in seminars.

As part of the activity, the company held Webinar Week 2022 from February 16 to 18. Among the themes include Automotive (16th), Basics of Soldering (17th), and Next-generation Automation (18th).

Kono said, “We have been holding web seminars in Japanese, Chinese, English and Spanish in respective regions. They have been received well and some cases have led to business negotiations. We would like to further improve seminars in 2022.”