Saki, FUJI Alliance Creates Innovative SMT Line

Automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment provider Saki Corporation said FUJI Corporation has joined as SMT assembly system partner. Accordingly, the cooperation will involve Saki’s Job Data Conversion Function, which the company introduced last year.

The collaboration will make possible a direct data link for component information between FUJI’s mounters and Saki’s 3D-AOI. Moreover, with the addition of the Job Data Conversion Function, Saki 3D-AOI system users can now automatically generate a PCB inspection data library. Particularly, this involves importing the component information data set from FUJI’s mounters directly into Saki’s 3D-AOI.

The collaboration between SAKI and FUJI makes a formidable solution that eliminates process duplication and reduce required man-hours.

Hence, the solution will eliminate process duplication and man-hours required to create separate inspection data libraries for both FUJI’s surface mount machines and for Saki’s inspection systems and it significantly reduces the time required to create board inspection programs. The Job Data Conversion Function for FUJI SMT assembly system will become available in the first half of 2022.

Helps Achieve Smart Factory

Shinsuke Suhara, President and Chief Operating Officer at FUJI said Saki’s Job Data Conversion Function agrees on the benefits of the cooperation. Specifically, Suhara said this will further strengthen the data linkage between Saki’s extremely accurate 3D-AOI and FUJI’s high-performance surface mount machines.

“It will make a significant contribution to FUJI Smart Factory clients’ operational efficiency. We are sure that by collaborating, FUJI and Saki will provide a valuable and efficient Smart Factory solution to a greater number of customers, allowing them to boost the productivity of their SMT lines,” said Suhara.

Norihiro Koike, President and CEO at Saki said, “We are delighted to be able to combine FUJI’s SMT equipment, which has a proven track record of excellent mounting accuracy, with the job data conversion capabilities of Saki’s board inspection systems in addition to existing M2M connectivity. Saki has a commitment to enhance the quality and accuracy of its inspection systems. By further strengthening our relationship with FUJI, the leading manufacturer of SMT machines, we can offer a wide range of solutions to help our customers achieve a Smart Factory by enhancing the quality and productivity of their SMT lines.”

The alliance of Saki and FUJI as SMT assembly system partners will further enhance the productivity of FUJI Smart Factory Solutions by improving the operational efficiency of the SMT line.
Saki’s Job Data Convert function helping to improve operational efficiency.

Cuts Board Inspection Time

The Job Data Conversion function enables the automatic generation of data for board inspection on SAKI 3D-AOI systems by using the component information data generated for pick and place machines. This new conversion functionality enables users of SAKI’s 3D-AOI systems to significantly reduce the time taken to create board inspection programs by directly importing the Pick & Place data to automatically generate a library for printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) inspection.

Saki’s Tokyo Digital Innovation is currently demonstrating the Job Data Conversion Function with FUJI’s mounters.