Rockwell’s New Smart Drives Simplify Design, Cut Cost

Industrial automation and digital transformation company Rockwell Automation, Inc. has introduced its new Allen-Bradley Armor PowerFlex AC variable frequency drives. To illustrate, the on-machine drives, which suit industrial motor applications, provide quicker installation, simple commissioning, and predictive maintenance.

As an on-machine solution, the Armor PowerFlex drives move controls and hardware out of a cabinet, onto the machine, and closer to the application. As such, this can help industrial companies simplify machine designs, minimize costs, and time to deploy. In addition, the drives suit harsh environments. Particularly, where reducing installation time and cost are most critical.

Allen-Bradley Armor PowerFlex AC

Smarter, Safer, Secure Solution

The smart drives include an embedded EtherNet/IP dual-port switch, which provides fast collection of real-time data. Furthermore, they also monitor component life, allowing users to predict and schedule component replacements to help avoid costly unplanned downtime.

“Manufacturers can expect greater efficiency and productivity when using the new Armor PowerFlex drives, which have built-in technology that’s smarter, safer, more secure and easier to apply than other solutions on the market,” said Joe Azzolina, Global Product Manager, Rockwell Automation. “Armor PowerFlex drives can reduce time-consuming tasks within the machine lifecycle. They can also help users realize greater profitability as part of a decentralized, zero-cabinet design approach.”

The Armor PowerFlex drives give users a motor control solution that replaces multiple components for easier integration into automation systems. Furthermore, the drives are available in standard and safety models. Both options provide built-in, dual-port EtherNet/IP and CIP Security functionality, and the safety option provides advanced safety functionality.

Reinforces Industrial Security

The safety model of the drive is designed for applications that require functional safety. It offers integrated CIP Safety and supports integrated and hardwired safe-torque-off (STO) or safe-stop-1 (SS1) safety functions. The integrated STO or SS1 requires no additional external safety monitoring or control components. In addition, using the Armor PowerFlex drive with Allen-Bradley GuardLogix PLCs and encoders enables advanced safe-speed functions.

To help strengthen cybersecurity in industrial operations, Rockwell Automation’s Armor PowerFlex drive is CIP Security capable. When implemented, CIP Security helps fortify a control system by providing data authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality. Ultimately, this helps defend against the risk of someone remotely accessing a network and acting maliciously.