JUKI Smart Solutions: Automation and Efficiency – Transformation of Production Process with Customers –

At NEPCON China 2022, JUKI Corporation will propose three process innovations that lead customers’ factories to automation, efficient production, and optimization. Particularly, the company will give weight on its theme: “JUKI Smart Solutions – Automation, Efficiency Enhancement, and Optimization – Transformation of Production Process with Customers”.

SMT Process Efficiency Innovation

The RX-8 high-speed compact modular mounter is at the core of efficiency improvement of the surface mount technology (SMT) process.  Despite its compact size, it achieves the highest area productivity of 100,000cph for its class.  Specifically, in the mounting of chip components and light-emitting diodes (LEDs), it achieves the highest effective tact of 60,000cph for its class. Thus, RX-8 is optimized to produce products with LED edge lights that require high-density mounting and high precision, as well as for ultrasmall chip components and small ICs.  

High-Speed Compact Modular Mounter RX-8

At its booth, JUKI will propose the transformation of production process to improve productivity of the entire manufacturing floor. Mainly, by improving the efficiency of the whole SMT line, not limited to the improvement of individual machines.  

Latest SMT line

The company will propose a high-speed, high-quality mounting line that combines the RX-8 high-speed compact modular mounter and the RS-1R all-in-one ultimate mounter with both general versatility and high-speed property. In addition, the RV-2-3DH high-speed, high-precision three-dimensional (3D) inspection machine.  

Integrating JaNets advanced network software, which improves the efficiency of the entire SMT floor, into machines achieves the bad mark propagation function between the mounter and inspection machine, and the visualization of the production progress and equipment operation status. 

SMT Total System Software JaNets

Furthermore, using IFS-NX software, which supports high-quality production, enables even higher quality production, achieving traceability and preventing erroneous components mounting.  

JUKI has in its portfolio a series of systems ranging from mounters, inspection machines to production management systems, and proposes the transformation of production process that dramatically improves productivity of the entire process. 

Post Process Automatic Innovation

JUKI is a leading company in the automation of the post process of printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing such as insertion and assembly of components. In fact, the company has worked with customers to overcome challenges, offering the JM Series, which features high reliability, and other machines. The JM Series automatically inserts components. It has been receiving high acclaim from many customers with problems in the manual insertion process, such as labor shortage and variability in quality due to skill shortage. 

Featuring JUKI’s original advanced technologies, such as Takumi head, and optional clinch and 3D recognition units, the JM Series achieves high-speed, high-precision automation of the insertion process. Furthermore, the optional mini chuck nozzle supports a wide range of components, and significantly reduces the nozzle changeover work for different components.  It dramatically improves the insertion tact time, and exhibits excellent productivity in high-mix, low-volume production.  

Multi Task Platform JM-100
Multi Task Platform JM-20

For innovative automation of the assembly work, JUKI proposes a new robot system with both high-speed operation and stability. The company has also achieved the automation of insertion process with excellent general versatility. It uses the upper robot of the newly developed two-axial XY gantry robot. Its applications include insertion of large components and LCDs. Meanwhile, the lower robot of the gantry robot simultaneously performs different work from the upper robot, such as screwing. This revolutionary robot platform automates multiple works simultaneously on a single unit.  

Furthermore, JUKI’s original 3D recognition sensor enables high-accuracy recognition of diverse components. Installing this platform transforms the insertion and assembly processes, realizing high area productivity and improved return on investment (ROI). JUKI is determined to support further the automation of various insertion and assembly processes in accordance with customers’ requirements.

Parts Management Efficiency Process Innovation 

The process innovation to enhance components management efficiency is vital in assembly process. This is the post process, as components management, aside from the SMT pre-process.  

ISM Series automated warehouses have strengths in the linkage of systems. They transform the entire process in the pre-process of surface mounting. Specifically, the ISM Series manages the number of remaining components on the production line, and automatically exports components at an appropriate timing.  

It also automates the serving operation by automated transfer system and inventory work.  Thus, the ISM Series dramatically improves productivity and processes.  

Aside from the mounting pre-process, JUKI also proposes the use of the ISM Series in the assembly components management process to automate the combination and export of components and complex picking work. The company proposes the automation of components management in accordance with customers’ operations and businesses.  

JUKI will continue to support the transformation of the production process by leveraging its technological and support capabilities. It will work closely with customers to overcome challenges in the automation of production.