Shenzhen Toyo Ink Tech Center Focuses on Electronics Materials

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., the parent company of the Tokyo-based specialty materials manufacturer Toyo Ink Group, has opened the Shenzhen Toyo Ink Technical Center in Shenzhen, China.

In particular, the new tech center is established under Shenzhen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.. It is the Group’s trading and marketing subsidiary of electronics-related products to China.

Opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Toyo Ink Technical Center

The new site leverages Shenzhen as its location, being regarded as the Silicon Valley of China. Thus, it expects to accelerate electronic device development through technological collaborations with tech firms in the region.

Primarily, the new tech center can cater to major markets in China. Among the key markets in focus include smartphones, wearable devices, electric vehicles, 5G base stations, and other growth fields where highly reliable, high-performance components are a must.

Stays at Forefront of Electronics Materials Innovation

“As a leading materials supplier to some of the biggest names in the electronics industry, we are committed to staying at the forefront of advanced materials innovation,” said Kengo Kochiya, general manager of Shenzhen Toyo Ink Co., Ltd.

“The opening of the new Shenzhen facility is in line with the Group’s global strategy of expanding businesses in the designated priority digital domain, which includes electronics and IoT fields. Through the Shenzhen Toyo Ink Technical Center, we intend to increase technical exchanges with high-tech firms in the region. Eventually, we aim to develop new semiconductors and their peripheral materials alongside the Group’s R&D centers in the United States and Japan,” continued Kochiya.

Moreover, the new facility is expected to strengthen the technical support capability for Toyochem Co., Ltd., the polymers and coatings arm of the Toyo Ink Group.

Under its LIOELM brand of functional films, Toyochem is a leading supplier of electromagnetic wave shielding films, electrically conductive adhesive sheets, low-dielectric adhesive sheets and other advanced polymer-based solutions to electronics manufacturers based in China.