Siemens-Led Alliance Aims Cleaner Manufacturing

Decarbonization is a key focus for leading design, engineering, and manufacturing organizations. Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced collaboration with sustamize GmbH.

Particularly, the collaboration will enable full access to the most up to date CO2e emission data for materials and energies. sustamize GmbH provides professional technology, data, and software solutions. This enables companies to measure, optimize and manage CO2 emissions. 

The Siemens Xcelerator platform has newly introduced the Teamcenter Carbon Footprint Calculator software. In essence, this is part of the Teamcenter product cost management solution. Accordingly, the new software enables organizations to measure, simulate, reduce, and track their product carbon footprint early in the development phase. Hence, this will empower different departments to measure, optimize, and manage carbon footprints at each level of the product value chain. 

Accelerates Clean Manufacturing

Nowadays, Eryn Devola, Vice President of Sustainability, Siemens Digital Industries Software, said it is possible to avoid 80 percent of environmental impact of a product in the development and design stage.

“Our collaboration with sustamize will enable customers to understand the environmental impacts of their products and processes early in the product development based on comprehensive, up to date, data,” said Devola.

In addition, Devola said, “By empowering our community to make fact-based decisions based on uniform data along the entire supply chain, we can assist them to avoid hazardous materials, use materials and energy efficiently, develop clean manufacturing procedures and help accelerate the transition to net zero.”

Through this collaboration, the wealth of data from sustamize’s Product Footprint Engine, will be accessible through the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio. Moreover, this will support the calculation of the product carbon footprint and scope 3 emissions with the capability to add additional category data sets based on demand.

The technology of sustamize enables automated product carbon footprint management with one of the world’s largest CO2e database and intelligent algorithms. Hence, Product Footprint Engine has backing of scientifically researched data. 

“Empowering users across manufacturing focused organizations to understand the CO2e impacts and drivers in their own products and supply chains, while working with a sophisticated tool that is already familiar and user-friendly, is a game changer in overcoming hurdles related to CO2e management,” said Viola Hasani, Co-founder and Customer Success Lead, sustamize.