JUKI Showcases Latest Mounting Solutions in Vietnam, India Shows

Mounter manufacturer, JUKI Corporation showcased its products at NEPCON Vietnam 2022 and productronica India 2022. Mainly, the company participates exhibitions of mounters in an aim to scale up demand for its products in the Southeast Asian market. 

NEPCON Vietnam 2022, which was held in Hanoi, ran from Sept. 14 to 16. Meanwhile, productronica India 2022, which happened in Delhi, was held from Sept. 21 to 23.  

Photo 1: JUKI showcased its products at NEPCON Vietnam 2022.

Highlights Mounting Solutions

At both events, JUKI highlighted the RX-8 high-speed compact modular mounter, which it released this year on full scale. Specifically, RX-8 features high-speed mounting of components at 100,000cph. It can mount chip components measuring 0.4×0.2mm to 5×5mm with height of 3mm, and ultrasmall components, such as compact ICs, at high speed using two mounting heads. 

Moreover, JUKI promoted the JUKI Smart Solutions, showcasing the RP-2 solder paste printer; RV-2-3D solder paste inspection/PWB visual inspection machine; ISM Series automated warehouses; and JM-100 odd-form components inserter for the post-process of surface mounting.  

Photo 2: Visitors at JUKI’s booth earnestly discussed business at productronica India 2022.

After several years of cancellation of in-person events amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many visitors flocked this year’s trade shows. Every day during the show, many business people visited JUKI’s booth to actively discussed business. 

JUKI has been enriching lineup of products that encompass the pre- and post-mounting processes. Among the products include mounters, solder paste printers, and solder paste inspection and printed wiring board (PWB) visual inspection machines. Also, they include automated warehouses (intelligent storage management systems) for the pre-process of surface mounting, as well as multitask platforms and multitask robots for the post-process. Moreover, the company has been actively promoting JUKI Smart Solutions, which link these machines to its JaNets surface mount technology total system software. The company focuses on leading manufacturers as market for this solution.

Focused Markets

JUKI deploys its mounter business globally. Currently, its sales ratio in China is the largest. Recently, however, it has been expanding demand in Southeast Asia, India, and Mexico.  

Japanese manufacturers are shifting their production bases from China to Vietnam. Against this trend, the company sees increasing demand for mounters. JUKI maintains a facility in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

Also, India has been attracting global attention as a new manufacturing base. Manufacturers that make inroads into India from the United States and countries in Europe have also been increasing. JUKI has a sales base and an adjacent demonstration center in Bengaluru. In Mumbai and Delhi, the company also markets mounter using its base for sewing machines. 

Furthermore, it also deploys mounter business in Mexico and Brazil among emerging countries.