SUN-WA TECHNOS Adds New Bases in Wuhan, Changzhou in China

Trading company SUN-WA TECHNOS CORPORATION has put up new sales bases in Wuhan and Changzhou in China. The new sales offices started operations on November 1. With the new bases, the company aims to further expand its business in the Jiangsu Province and the Hubei Province. At present, SUN-WA TECHNOS Group has expanded its bases in China to 12, including the new sales bases.  

This building houses SUN-WA’s Changzhou Office.
The building where Wuhan Office is located.

Shanghai SUN-WA Technos

Mainly, Shanghai SUN-WA Technos Co., Ltd. handles the Wuhan Office and Changzhou Office. Shanghai SUN-WA Technos is an affiliate of SUN-WA TECHNOS in Shanghai and was established in Dec. 2001.

In particular, Shanghai SUN-WA Technos is strong in exports and sales of aluminum formed articles and resin molds in China. The company operates as an agency of Yaskawa Electric Corp. and other manufacturers. Moreover, it has pushed for the Global SCM Solution business to improve efficiency of exports and imports of electronic components and control equipment, which target mainly Japanese companies operating in China. Also, the Engineering Business, which is another business pillar, is tapped to launch and renovate manufacturing equipment.  

Specifically, with the opening of the two offices, the company will deploy marketing activities closely tailored to existing customers and Chinese local customers, targeting to tap new markets.

31 Overseas Bases

Overall, with the addition of Wuhan Office and Changzhou Office, SUN-WA TECHNOS now has 31 overseas bases. In China, it has 12 business locations, including SUN-WA Technos (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. Also, Shanghai SUN-WA Technos operates 11 local bases.