Techman and Partners Set up New Smart Manufacturing Education Center

Techman Robot Inc. has entered cooperation with Phoenix Contact, Festo, and Taichung City Education Bureau to establish the Taichung Smart Manufacturing Technology Education Center.

Technology Integration

Since 2011, the Taichung City Education Bureau has been pouring huge investments to combine Techman Robot’s AI smart vision cobot and related software and hardware to Phoenix Contact’s hand tool and Festo’s bionic machinery. The integration led to the joint establishment of the Technology Education Center.

Following the opening ceremony of the center, the Taichung City Education Bureau leveraged the equipment and manpower to conduct smart manufacturing learning courses for elementary, middle, and high schools.

The Taichung Smart Manufacturing Technology Education Center aims to conduct smart manufacturing learning courses to narrow the gap between industry and academe.

Eliminates Industry-Academe Gap

In recent years, Techman Robot targets to eliminate industry-academe gap. Also, it aims to combine Taiwan’s technical and vocational education with global industries. For example, in 2022, Techman Robot and Taichung Industrial High School co-hosted a national smart manufacturing competition titled “Robot Training Kit” inspired by a real use case of Continental. Specifically, the purpose of the competition was to link students and industry through real use cases. They used Problem-based learning (PBL) approach to let industries feedback to academe including teachers’ training, student education courses, and teaching design.

Moreover, Techman Robot is not only deeply engaged in the field of education, but also focuses on enhancing the energy of R&D. Techman Robot will also fully support AI and robot automation teaching and courses.  It will enhance teaching of Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing technology with the Taichung City Education Bureau.  Together, they will implement robotics technical and vocational education.