Japanese Robot Companies Put up Collaborative Robot Center

Japan-based BYNAS Co., Ltd., Tachibana Eletech Co., Ltd., and ORIX Rentec Corporation jointly established the Collaborative Robot Selection Center on the premises of the No. 2 factory of BYNAS in the country’s Aichi Prefecture.

In the era of digital transformation, collaborative robots equipped with leading-edge technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT), are expected to become mainstream in production sites.

The Collaborative Robot Selection Center

Support in Cobot Installation

The Collaborative Robot Selection Center conducts verification, as well as comparison and evaluation of robot manufacturers, which are necessary processes in the installation of collaborative robots in systems at the actual production site. It then selects the optimum robots for customers and proposes a concept of systems at the actual production site.

Compared with conventional robot centers, which mainly demonstrate manufacturers’ collaborative robots, the Collaborative Robot Selection Center provides customers with the know-how to achieve actual systems specialized for collaborative robots, supporting their installation plans in their actual systems.

At the Center, collaborative robots from major manufacturers, and peripheral parts, such as hands and cameras, are displayed. Verification, comparison, evaluation, selection of robot, and proposal of actual system are performed seamlessly in one stop.

Verification test of a collaborative robot

Respective Contribution

BYNAS develops and provides concrete automation systems.  The company is in charge of the selection of collaborative robot, combination with autonomous mobile robot (AMR), conception of the entire system, proposal of risk assessment, concrete verification and demonstration test, and education of robot operation.

Tachibana Eletech handles control systems from information technology (IT) to operational technology (OT) and has a customer base in a wide range of industries. The company uses the Collaborative Robot Selection Center to provide one-stop automation and IoT of plant facility. It proposes smart factory through the use of IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) technologies and visualizes the effects of installation at the exhibition hall & Tachibana Smart Laboratory located on the first floor of its head office.

ORIX Rentec introduces RoboRen next-generation robot rental services with a lineup of 39 models from 16 manufacturers globally. At Tokyo Technology Center (Tokyo), the company provides customers with opportunities to experience operations and operability of actual robots and conducts seminars.

Wataru Watanabe, President & Representative Director of BYNAS, says, “Through collaboration among the three companies, we provide customers with actual systems that resolve issues in the installation of collaborative robots. For the time being, we hope to receive orders from about 50 companies.”

Collaborative robots from various manufacturers are displayed.