Emerson's New Tool Meets Demands of EV Makers

Emerson’s new Branson™ GMX-HP ultrasonic metal welder combines greater power and downforce, essential for larger welds required by electric vehicles, batteries, and energy storage systems. Essentially, coming with a modular equipment design and features that simplify installation and automation for machine builders and manufacturers.

The new GMX-HP features increased weld power, furnished by a high-capacity 8KW, 20KHz power supply. In addition, transmission of welding power is possible through a direct-press actuator. Moreover, they come equipped with dual linear bearing guides, precision distance sensors and a dynamic pressure trigger that deliver greater part-holding downforce with the high stability needed for repeatable weld quality.

Emerson’s Branson GMX-HP ultrasonic metal welder combines added weld power and downforce for repeatable welding of larger conductors, busbars and batteries with the flexibility of a modular design that simplifies installation, automation and production changeovers.

These characteristics make Emerson’s GMX-HP welder an excellent choice for ultrasonic welding of larger-diameter conductors, terminations and busbars essential for increased power-carrying capacity. Alternatively, they also suit for bonding the thicker stacks of anode/cathode films used in high power-density batteries or energy storage systems.

Scales up Manufacturing Processes

The GMX-HP welder offers optimal flexibility and productivity, from automation design through long-run manufacturing. Furthermore, manufacturing engineers, automation experts and machine builders will appreciate the flexibility of the welder’s modular design. Particularly, this is because the GMX-HP accommodates base mounting, rear-gantry or top-gantry mountings to simplify configuration, installation and operation of multimachine automated welding systems.

Production managers and operators will note a new quick-release modular actuator that enables rapid, but precise, change-outs of weld “horns” or entire weld “stacks” to meet varied production requirements.

“Manufacturers are seeking better ways to build more powerful batteries and energy storage systems for everything from electric vehicles to renewable energy systems. The GMX-HP welder lets users scale up designs without sacrificing reliability or consistency,” said Alex Yeung, global product manager, metal welding for Emerson.

Built into the weld power supply, the welder’s programmable digital controls can manage the welding process in multiple modes: time, energy, peak power and distance. These versatile weld modes ensure the added precision required to maintain tight weld process control despite occasional variations in part surface quality or cleanliness.

Hence, production and quality assurance managers can track weld output, quality and yields with the help of the full array of weld-data collection and storage capabilities available in the GMX-HP weld power supply.