Flexiv Partners With Handplus Robotics in Leading-Edge Robotic Solutions

American robotics company Flexiv enters into a partnership with Handplus Robotics, a Singaporean-based automation integration company. Specifically, Handplus’s expertise and distribution base make it ideal to install and commission Flexiv’s range of seven-axis force-controlled robots.

Established in 2018, Handplus has extensive experience in automating logistics and manufacturing lines.

Flexiv noted an increasing demand for automation solutions. Notably, Handplus’ already established distribution network within Singapore and Malaysia will empower Flexiv to meet the needs of an ever-increasing customer base.

Flexiv enters into a partnership with Handplus Robotics to install and distribute its seven-axis force-controlled robots.

Extend Opportunities of Adaptive Robotic Technology

Over the past two years, Flexiv’s partner network has grown rapidly to deal with this demand. It boasts of an extensive list of partners worldwide.

Flexiv’s Senior Sales Manager for the Asia Pacific region, Owen Wu, said, “This partnership with Handplus enables more end-users to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by adaptive robotic technology. We have seen substantial growth (of this technology) over the past two years. Thus, this strategic partnership with Handplus enable us to expand our market presence without compromising the service we provide to our clients. Working together, Flexiv and Handplus will enable customized smart solutions to be created. This will reduce the effects of labor bottlenecks and decrease the ROI period.”

Albert Causo, Chief Executive Officer and founder of Handplus, said, “Flexiv is the ideal partner for us as they offer a different kind of robotic arm. Specifically, this is a game-changer for applications that require sensitivity and fast response times. Moreover, the added functionality of a seventh axis and the force control capacity has opened an extra dimension of possibility for us. If robots are sed for tasks that require human-like dexterity and sensitivity, Flexiv has the robots to do it. We are confident that our partnership will be mutually beneficial, and we look forward to what will surely be a very successful 2023.”

Flexiv released its first commercially available adaptive robot in 2018. Since then, Flexiv has been committed to providing automation solutions that truly help improve the world. By removing the need for workers to complete dangerous, dirty, or unfulfilling tasks, staff can be redeployed to more rewarding jobs that require a human touch.