Saki Shows How Equipment Line Fosters Smart Factories

Saki Corporation will be exhibiting for the first time at Smart SMT & PCB Assembly 2023 from April 5 to 7, 2023 in Suwon, Korea. Particularly, the Japanese automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment provider will showcase its latest automated inspection solutions for SMT processes that contribute to the realization of Smart Factories.

At the said event, Saki will highlight to show visitors its latest 3D-AOI and 3D-AXI inspection solutions. This includes the 3Xi-M110 V3 ultra-high-speed X-ray automated inspection system (AXI) that enables in-line operation.

In addition, it will also demonstrate its award-winning 3Di-LS3 3D automated optical inspection system (AOI) with 8μm resolution. The 3Di-LS3 3D AOI achieves the fastest cycle time in the industry.

For Smarter Factories

Alongside its partners JS TECH and H&J Corporation, the Saki technology team will also present a 2D-AOI benchtop model BF-Sirius. Meanwhile, to demonstrate its Full SMT Line, Smart Factory and M2M capabilities, Saki’s QD-Analyzer Software Suite completes the show line-up.

Saki’s booth will allow visitors to experience the company’s latest hard- and software innovations up-close. This includes the 3Xi-M110 V3 in the 3D-AXI line. Particularly, this offers true-inline operation with the high-speed 3D-CT X-ray Inspection System.

Furthermore, the company will also showcase 3Di-LS2 with 18μm resolution camera system, which offers high-speed 3D-AOI with a height measurement range of 20mm. It also comes with an imaging speed of 5,700mm2/sec for improved productivity.

Moreover, Saki will also showcase its BF-Sirius benchtop 2D-AOI for L-size substrates.

In the software side, Saki will also highlight the SPC software suite, which offers data-driven approach to continuous productivity improvement. Thus, statistically analyzing the operating status and inspection results of all equipment in the production line.

Kim Kyu Seob, General Manager of Saki Corporation Korea Representative Office, said, “Visitors to Saki’s booth will be able to see our latest technology that contributes to the realization of Smart Factories through in-line automated inspection. We look forward to welcoming show visitors to our booth.”