Unique Features Cap Saki’s New 3D AOI System

Automated optical and X-ray inspection manufacturer Saki Corporation has developed the new 3Di series of in-line 3D automated optical inspection (3D AOI) systems. Most importantly, the next generation systems allow complex inspection of high-density printed circuit boards and boards with combination of very small and tall components.

The new high-speed and high precision 3Di series comes with newly developed camera system. Particularly, this reduces cycle and produces ultra-sharp high-resolution 3D images. Because of this, it can simultaneously and accurately inspect both extremely small parts, such as 008004s (0201 metric) and tall parts.

3Di series of high-speed, high-precision, next-generation in-line 3D automated optical inspection

High Inspection Quality, Accuracy

This latest automated inspection solution from Saki contributes to enhanced quality assurance and increased productivity. In addition, it is suitable for highest quality inspection of ever-evolving high-density PCB technology.

Saki will introduce the first AOI machine in this new 3Di Series at the 23rd JISSO PROTEC 2022 from June 15 to 17 at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan. Moreover, the machine configuration will feature a camera resolution of 8μm, a height measurement range of 25mm, and an imaging speed of 4,500mm2/sec.

3Di Series’ high-resolution camera enables inspection of high-density PCBs and ultra-small components. In addition, it comes with expanded height measurement range.

The sophisticated software and hardware configuration optimizes image processing and achieves fastest cycle time. Meanwhile, the innovative and unique inspection algorithm enables clear 3D solder joint inspection.

Furthermore, the 3Di Series offers scalability. It has the option to easily modify configurations at any time as required by adding new camera heads, AI functions, and other future features.

Norihiro Koike, President and CEO of Saki Corporation, said, “Saki’s new 3Di Series keeps pace with the rapidly evolving needs of the market and delivers highest inspection quality and accuracy along with the fast cycle times demanded by the next generation of PCB technology.”

“We will continue to develop add-on solutions in the future that will provide a variety of additional optional functions, offer flexibility, and contribute to sustainable manufacturing concepts that that are shaping our customers’ smart factories,” Koike added.