Saki’s Unique Factory Solutions Take the Spotlight

Automated optical and X-ray inspection equipment provider Saki Corporation will bring together its latest 3D-SPI, 3D-AOI and 2D-AOI inspection solutions at productornica India 2022. Particularly, the Saki technology team will also present latest hardware and software innovations and demonstrate its full SMT line, smart factory, and machine-to-machine capabilities.

At productronica India, which will take place at India ExpoMart in Greater Noida in India from Sept. 21 to 23, Saki will offer booth visitors a first-hand look at the unique features of the latest hardware and software releases. Furthermore, the company will give emphasis on reliability, speed, quality, and value for applications across all sectors, including mobile phone manufacturing.

Advanced 3D-AOI Solutions

3D-AOI solution 3Di-LS2-L with 18μm camera head

The powerful 3D AOI model 3Di-LS2-L with 18μm camera head is the ideal inspection solution suitable for all standard full SMT line manufacturing processes. The company designed this to improve production, boost process efficiency, and maximize product quality. In addition, the closed-loop system, dual servo motor drive, high-resolution linear measurement and solid gantry design provide unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability. Quadruple multi-frequency digital projectors ensure accurate 3D measurements and high-quality images.

3Di-LS2 with 12μm high resolution

Saki’s flexible 3Di-LS2 has been developed in response to the increase of customer applications demanding further optional features and capabilities. Particularly, the machine leverages on the 3Di-LS2-L system. Operators can customize with a choice of three camera resolution levels of 7µm, 12µm, and 18µm to match specific application requirements.

In addition, upgrade of the system is possible with a quad side camera system that ensures inspection of the entire board, including dead angles and areas missed by overhead cameras.

Saki’s latest Z-axis optical head is a further optional feature for accurate inspection of tall components, press-fit components, and PCBAs in jigs.

The innovative optical-head offers the industry’s highest level of inspection capability. With such a choice, Saki’s 3Di-LS2 machine fulfills inspection capabilities and flexibility far beyond standard SMT inspection processes with accuracy, speed, and ease.

Unique 3D-SPI Lineup

3Si-LS2 with 12µm optical head

Saki’s high-precision and high-speed 3D solder paste inspection machine comes with a single-lane system. Equipped with a 12µm camera head, it suits board sizes from 50mm x 60mm to 500mm x 510mm.

 2D-AOI Portfolio


Saki developed the 2D-AOI system BF-10D especially for high speed, inline, dual-lane production of M-size (330x250mm) PCBs. Particularly, it employs Saki’s innovative high-speed color camera and a robust gantry frame designed for high-speed motion of the camera. Sophisticated image processing tools take advantage of multi-core CPU processing.

Furthermore, at it can easily keep up with production takt times as short as 8sec, BF-10D handles dual-lane high speed production lines using only one head. Whether the two lanes have the same or different board configurations, simultaneous inspection is possible in one pass, making inspection very fast.

Full Line Control Software Solutions

Aside from hardware, Saki’s software suite & line control systems demonstrate the company’s data-driven approach to continuous productivity improvement. Visitors to the Saki booth will experience the full IPC-CFX certified machine-to-machine connectivity capability, full line control enabled by Saki’s Offline Teaching station (BF2-Editor) and Verification station (BF2-Monitor).

“We see India as a market with huge growth potential for Saki. With our deep expertise in inspection solutions, our goal is to become the go-to technology partner for OEM’s and EMS companies in India,” said Jayson Moy, General Manager Saki Asia Pacific.