NIMS, Magnet Makers Launch Material Research Platform

The National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS), along with four magnet-related manufacturers, announced the launch of Materials Open Platform (MOP). Specifically, the four companies are TDK Corporation, Daido Steel Co., Ltd., Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd., and Hitachi Metals, Ltd.

MOP focuses on permanent magnets as its theme. It aims to conduct research and development and attract private capital inflow. Moreover, it will work to elucidate the basic characteristics of magnetic materials that would lead to the development of magnetics materials with higher performance. 

Representatives from the NIMS and magnet manufacturers during the MOP signing ceremony.

NIMS Spearheads Cooperation

NIMS has been promoting cooperation among industry, academia and government in the fields of chemical, all-solid-state batteries, and pharmaceutical products. This time, it has agreed to cooperate with the four companies on magnets.

With NIMS at the center, MOP will develop and share know-how for data collection and accumulation, and artificial intelligence (AI) analytical tools.

MOP will adopt the open & closed strategy, whereby, it will openly promote horizontal collaborations with respect to cooperation, while advancing collaboration between two companies in terms of competitive area.

For this specific purpose, NIMS and the four companies held a signing ceremony. At the same time, a press conference at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo was held. Present at the press conference were Kazuhiro Hono, President of NIMS; Shigeki Sato, Director, Senior Vice President of TDK; Tetsuya Shimizu, Representative Executive Director, Executive Vice President of Daido Steel; Toshio Shiobara, Corporate Officer of Shin-Etsu Chemical; and Kenji Minegishi, Executive Officer of Hitachi Metals. They expressed commitment to cooperate in achieving digital transformation of materials.

“We will promote world-class basic research of materials for rare-earth permanent magnets and contribute to the strengthening of international competitiveness,” said Hono.