Teledyne’s AI Software Allows Learning at Runtime

Teledyne has made available its Sapera Vision Software Edition 2021-07. Sapera Vision Software from Teledyne DALSA offers field-proven image acquisition, control, image processing, and artificial intelligence (AI) functions to design, develop, and deploy high-performance machine vision applications.

The company included upgrades to the new Sapera Vision Software, including enhancements to its AI training graphical tool Astrocyte and image processing and AI library tool Sapera Processing.

“We are excited to introduce continual learning to the Astrocyte package. This helps improve the accuracy of a classifier ‘on the field’ by training only the samples that fail, without having to retrain from scratch,” said Bruno Ménard, Software Director for Teledyne’s vision solutions group.

Astrocyte now includes a new anomaly detection called pixel-level anomaly detection. This new algorithm is much more robust and precise than the previous one. It also has the ability to generate heatmaps at runtime.

Software Features

The new Sapera Vision Software has a new algorithm that allows to pre-train a classifier in Astrocyte, and then perform further training at runtime in Sapera Processing.

It also features a new anomaly detection algorithm that is more robust in locating defects, while providing the ability to generate output heatmaps. Heatmaps at runtime are very useful for obtaining the location and shape of defects without the need for graphical annotations at training.

When creating dataset in Astrocyte, users can acquire live video from a camera and generate a series of files automatically prior to training. During acquisition images are prepared for training (i.e. adjusted for size and aspect ratio) before being saved to disc.

Sapera Vision Software is ideal for applications, such as surface inspection on metal plates, location and identification of hardware parts, detection and segmentation of vehicles, and noise reduction on x-ray medical images.

The Sapera Vision Software Suite supports image acquisition from various interfaces, such as GigE Vision, USB Vision, CameraLink HS, and CoaXPress. It provides field proven image acquisition, image processing and artificial intelligence software API offering a complete suite of classes in C++ and .NET languages. Rapid application development based on integrated environment with intuitive user interface is enabled. It also allows solving complex problems via flexible and powerful AI and image processing algorithms.

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