JUKI Releases Latest LX-8 Advanced Flexible Mounter

JUKI Corporation releases in August the LX-8 general-purpose mounter for both Japanese and overseas markets. Specifically, LK-8 places components on printed circuit boards at significantly increased speeds. Also, it features two units of JUKI’s unique “Takumi Head” (JUKI’s patent). Mainly, JUKI positions LX-8 as a next-generation mounter. 

JUKI’s LX-8 advanced flexible mounter

Recently, new industries, such as fifth-generation communications (5G), electric vehicles (EVs), and robots are emerging. These industries require machines with high processing capabilities in the mounting job site of electronic boards. 

To meet these market needs, JUKI has been working to develop a mounter integrated with placement heads as the main mechanism. Specifically, the placement heads pick and place components and allow flexible exchange on a single machine. Specifically, JUKI targets to enable exchanges between Takumi Head, an inline head with high general versatility, and P20S (JUKI’s patent) Planet Head, a rotary head, which achieves high-speed mounting.

Through the selection and combination of the two heads, it is possible to construct more precise and optimum production lines in accordance with production items. It could be high-speed, high-production line; variable-mix, variable-volume production line; and high-mix, low-volume production line. Additionally, Takumi Head automatically changes the recognition sensor height according to the height of components. Thus, it eliminates operation loss when it picks and places components. It is JUKI’s unique technical mechanism. Meanwhile, P20S Planet Head features a mechanism to pick and place components using a rotation system.   

 Additionally, LX-8 delivers one of the highest placement speeds and area productivity among two-head class mounters. This is possible as it is equipped with two units of Takumi Head, the main mechanism to pick electronic components. Also, LX-8 places components twice as fast as the company’s existing mounter. In addition, as the head size is compact, LX-8 delivers area productivity about 1.9-fold of the company’s existing mounter with little change in the mounter’s external size. Moreover, LX-8 with a footprint of 2.9sq.m has a component placement speed of 94,000cph as compared with 2.7sq.m and 47,000cph of the company’s existing mounter. 

Also, LX-8 supports a wide variety of components from component size of 0.3×0.15 to 65×65mm, as well as 10×90mm, and 50×75mm, to components with a height of up to 25mm.  

The machine also enables machine-to-machine (M2M) connection among equipment through linkage with JUKI Advanced Network System, JaNets. Thus, it improves the productivity of the entire factory, including monitoring of production status, storage management, and remote support. 

Moreover, LX-8 can hold up to 160 feeders, which is the largest number in its class, and place a wide variety of component types. Hence, the mounter significantly shortens production changeover time, simplifies production preparations, and improves efficiency.

JUKI also pursued easy to use user interface, and incorporated an operation screen, thus enabling intuitive operation. A vertical monitor gives a smartphone-like operational feel. Color coordination and dark theme with consideration given to all users exhibit a stylish design. Furthermore, customers themselves can arrange functions with high priority at the top screen. The operation screen also handles multiple languages and is easy to use. Additionally, it displays power consumption, contributing to energy conservation awareness. 

Under the theme “JUKI Smart Solutions,” JUKI contributes to the construction of mounting lines that flexibly deal with diverse production items. Moreover, these lines promote automation and enhanced efficiency of the production processes and digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.