ASMPT Boosts Unique Solutions for Novel IC Production

ASMPT will highlight its trend-setting production hardware and software, quality assurance, and process optimization, for the integrated smart factory. Incidentally, these solutions will take the spotlight at the forthcoming Advanced Semiconductor Packing Show (ASPS) in Korea.

The said event, which will take place from Aug. 30 to Sept. 1 at the Suwon Convention Center, will present the current state-of-the-art backend processing technology.

The South Korean semiconductor industry currently holds second place in the global market for increasingly scarce computer chips. Thus, the demand for efficient production technology is correspondingly high. For that reason, manufacturers of electronics, semiconductors, and automotive electronics visit the ASPS to learn about the latest technologies in the industry. In addition, the joint booth of ASMPT SMT Solutions and ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions will once again be an important meeting point this year.

Best-in-class hardware solutions for demanding customers

Global innovation and market leader ASMPT will present its innovative solutions for solder paste printing and assembly at the company’s booth.

Fewer line stops: The optional Dual Access Cover for the DEK TQ makes it possible to replace paste cartridges without having to stop the printer. Image source: ASMPT

The DEK TQ printer platform is not only extremely fast with cycle times ranging from 5 to 6.5 seconds, but also exceptionally precise with its wet-printing accuracy of ±17.0 microns @ 2 Cpk. Furthermore, the printers take up very little space and can operate around the clock with outstanding efficiency and very little operator assist. Thanks to generously dimensioned consumables and various automation options.

The highly flexible SIPLACE CA2 hybrid placement machine enables electronics manufacturers to integrate fast-growing technologies. These include flip-chip and die-attach into their SMT production lines.

The SIPLACE CA2 is the world’s first platform that flexibly combines the assembly of bare dies directly from the pre-separated wafer with classic feeder-based SMT placement. Hence, the ideal manufacturing technology for advanced SiP chips like those being used in the smartphone and tablet segment. Its changer holds up to 25 wafers and swaps them out in only 5.6 seconds. Also, trendsetting is the SIPLACE CA2’s placement accuracy of up to 10 microns @ ±3 sigma.

The SIPLACE CA2 boosts productivity in advanced packaging by combining classic surface-mount technology with die-attach and flip-chip assembly. Image source: ASMPT

Outstanding accuracy (up to 15 microns @ 3 sigma with special vacuum tooling) and a performance rating of up to 96,000 cph make the innovative SIPLACE TX micron the first choice for the high-precision assembly of modules, submodules, system-in-package modules, and many other particularly demanding products.

Extensive software portfolio

At least as important for a modern factory as hardware are powerful software solutions such as the applications in the WORKS smart shop floor management suite. The software portfolio presented by ASMPT includes a multitude of practice-oriented applications for things like efficient production planning, real-time material flow optimization, quality assurance along the entire line, and efficient personnel deployment.

For the operating staff on the shop floor, the solutions are supplemented by applications for technical teams such as the AI- and NLP-based Virtual Assist expert system and the Factory Equipment Center for smart asset and maintenance management throughout the entire factory.

“In contrast to many software-only vendors, ASMPT covers virtually the entire SMT production process,” explains Mr Kim Daesung, Managing Director Korea, Thailand, Vietnam at ASMPT.

In addition, Daesung said, “Since we know exactly where the weak spots are and where optimizing a process makes the most sense, we can offer our customers not only mature hardware but practice-oriented multi-line software for the integrated smart factory. And thanks to standardized interfaces such as IPC-CFX, our solutions are open to third-party systems at all times.”