SCHUNK Introduces New Digital Tool for Easy Toolholder Configuration

The new digital tool from SCHUNK, the easyToolholder configurator, is suitable as an optimal online adaptation of standard toolholders to their respective machining task. The customized inquiry and ordering process takes place 24/7 in real time with full transparency.

The family of SCHUNK products that can be configured online is growing. This time, the easyToolholder, a planning tool for customized toolholders is now available from SCHUNK. This is in addition to grippers, gripper fingers and chuck jaws. Customization of standard hydraulic expansion toolholders is possible with just a few clicks instead of using cost-intensive special solutions. It is also possible to extend this tool to other toolholder technologies in the future.

With easyToolholder, available toolholders can be configured quickly to suit individual customers.

Technical clarification in real time – and configurable 24/7

With the easyToolholder product configurator, users from all sectors have a useful digital tool that opens up new possibilities for customization. Also, it makes application-specific solutions a reality in no time – around the clock, on all days and without the user having to log in via the website first. In just a few clicks and by entering various parameters, a clamping device suitable to the user’s application can be designed from the broad portfolio of standard toolholders from SCHUNK.

Flexible adaption of hydraulic expansion toolholders in their geometry, interface and clamping diameter is possible.

The company conceived the tool flexibly and very simply. First, users enter the machine interface and the clamping diameter for a wide variety of clamping tasks. Also, adjusting the dimension for the length of the toolholder is possible. Also, the addition of broad options such as a data carrier chip or peripheral cooling, makes it possible to adapt the toolholder optimally to its specific application.

Users receive a direct, captive and unmistakable assignment of tool and process data thanks to SCHUNK’s license-free, browser-based web tool. Finally, easyToolholder transmits the configuration in real time to the connected web store. Various download formats as well as all common CAD data formats are available here. They are applied in virtual process simulation or for collision analysis in CNC programming. Users also have the price and delivery time of the configured module calculated directly and transparently before their eyes.