Mycronic Pitches Evolutionary Pick-and-Place Platform

Mycronic introduces its next-generation MYPro A40 pick-and-place solution with an all-new MX7 high-speed mounthead technology. The new platform increases top placement speeds by 48% while handling a significantly wider range of component types and sizes. It will be launched at productronica 2023 in Munich.

MYPro A40 pick-and-place solution

An Icon of Agility Evolves

Mycronic’s MYPro MY300 pick-and-place platform, introduced six years ago, has firmly established itself as the industry benchmark for manufacturers with a highly variable mix of products and frequent new product introductions (NPIs). Meanwhile, the MYPro A40 further extends these capabilities thanks to a new high-speed MX7 mounthead technology. Specifically, it places components up to six times larger than previous high-speed mountheads at up to 48% faster top speeds.

Turning up the Volume

Manufacturers aiming to boost throughput will welcome the MYPro A40DX’s IPC-rated top speed of 59,000cph, compared with 40,000cph for the MYPro MY300DX. Specifically, the new MX7 mounthead achieves this by integrating seven independent placement nozzles steered by 14 individual Z and theta motors. Also, an advanced, proprietary motion control system, updates at a rate of 80,000 times per second. Accordingly, it ensures an unprecedented combination of control and speed by optimizing every movement across up to 224 interchangeable feeder positions and 640×510mm board placement area.

Expanded Component Range

To accommodate a wider range of applications and technologies, the new mounthead technology expands the upper component size limit by six times. This enables placement of components as large as 45×45×15mm or 150×40×15mm. Also, its capabilities extend down to the placement of components as small as 0.4×0.2mm (01005). Therefore, it allows producers to manage the continued miniaturization of PCB technologies.

Mainly, this unique combination of high placement speeds and a broad mix of component technologies introduces new possibilities for agile, just-in-time production. Traditionally high-mix manufacturers will benefit from the ability to rapidly scale up production volumes without investing in a dedicated high-speed line. Higher-volume manufacturers, meanwhile, will have the opportunity to expand their product mix and take on prototype runs without sacrificing speed or line utilization.

A high-precision mounthead complements the MX7 to mount chip components as small as 0.3×0.15mm (009005), and components as large as 99×73×15/22mm.

New Graphical User Interface

Outside the machine, a newly designed graphical user interface has been introduced to simplify both training and pick-and-place operations for even novice operators. By providing straightforward touchscreen guidance, the MYPro A40 moves the pick-and-place process another step forward towards the company’s ambition of fully automated one-click operations.

Two New High-speed, High-capacity Models

At launch, the new pick-and-place portfolio will consist of two models, MYPro A40DX-13 and A40DX-17, with an 8mm feeder capacity of 160 and 224 feeders, respectively. A MYPro A40DX Synergy line will also be available, with up to 448 feeders, for customers seeking the highest possible production volumes by combining two MYPro A40DXs into a unified pick-and-place solution.

Continued Leadership in Flexible Assembly

The MYPro A40 continues in the footsteps of its predecessors by again pushing the boundaries of flexible PCB assembly. It features the industry’s fastest changeovers, flexible feeders and an array of powerful process control systems. Accordingly, the MYPro Line production concept keeps manufacturers ahead of the accelerating innovation cycles, complex board designs, and rapid prototyping demands, which are increasingly driving the electronics industry. Complete with standard Hermes and CFX interfaces, it offers a versatile solution that can easily be integrated into virtually any intelligent factory environment.

“The MYPro A40 is the result of several years of intensive development by our global team of R&D engineers in close collaboration with our customers,” says Clemens Jargon, Sr VP High Flex Division. “And now it’s time for the most exciting part, where we see how customers use this platform to improve product quality, scale up their production, and accelerate delivery times. Times are changing, and I’m confident that the MYPro A40 will open up entirely new opportunities for our customers’ next phase of growth.”