FUJI Reinforces SMT Strength, Eyes New Factory Line

FUJI Corporation said it will build a new factory building inside its Okazaki plant in Japan’s Aichi prefecture. Particularly, the new factory building will produce SMT pick and place machines and peripheral units.

Rendering of the planned new building inside FUJI’s Okazaki plant

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Accordingly, FUJI noted electrification and electronification have been accelerating in a wide variety of fields. Equally important, new mega trends such as 5G communications, electric vehicles, smartphones, and computers, are changing the landscape of the industry.

For that reason, the company sees the need for increased production and stable supply of SMT pick and place machines. These machines are pivotal in mounting electronic components on circuit boards, which are necessary in electronic products and devices.

As a major industry player in the SMT pick and place machine market, FUJI will reinforce production capability of its Okazaki plant. In fact, the said plant is the main factory of the company in manufacturing SMT pick and place machines.

The new factory building at Okazaki plant will have a construction value of ¥10 billion (US$77.37 million). In addition, the four-story building will occupy 32,500sq.m of floor space. Construction of which will start November 2022 while operations will commence in September 2024.

In addition, the company said it will install the latest robot and internet of things (IoT) technologies in the new factory building.

Fuji expects to install several equipment in the planned factory building. Particularly, the sets of equipment include multi-joint robots, automated conveyance robots, and automatic warehouses. In addition, the new factory will also have indoor positioning technology, unified production management systems, among others.