TOPPAN, FPT Partner to Expand Metaverse Business

TOPPAN Inc. has collaborated with leading Vietnamese system integrators FPT Information System Corporation (FIS) and FPT Japan Holdings Co., Ltd. (FPT Japan) to propel the metaverse and drive global expansion. Particularly-, the expansion will cover various fields, including digital twins in manufacturing.

In the collaboration, TOPPAN will leverage its technologies for metaverse spaces and the XR field and its communication design know-how. On the other hand, FPT Group will leverage system development capabilities and XR solutions to develop metaverse services. The fusion of the two companies’ technologies will be rolled out in Southeast Asia and global markets.

Details of Collaboration

Rollout of metaverse business in Southeast Asia
Currently, FPT can leverage its infrastructure development capabilities and local marketing expertise. Meanwhile, TOPPAN has metaverse solutions and high-definition spatial design know-how.

The collaboration will fuse these respective strengths. Thus, will drive business development and expansion in various fields in the Southeast Asia market, where the FPT Group operates. Potential businesses include entertainment, such as joint holding of live metaverse events, and digital twin services supporting manufacturing.

Creation of new services based on provision of technology licenses
The companies will collaborate to drive the development of new metaverse solutions by providing each other with metaverse-related technology licenses. Accordingly, this includes TOPPAN’s MiraVerse™Core, a metaverse solution featuring high-definition 3D simulation. Also, it covers the Metaclone™ Avatar, which enables people to generate their own avatar from a single photograph.

On the other hand, licenses from the FPT Group will include “akaVerse,” a solution package combining AR, VR, and MR.

Concept model for manufacturing digital twin business

Early on, TOPPAN has worked with the FPT to develop a concept model for a manufacturing digital twin metaverse. Particularly, a digital twin of an actual TOPPAN Group manufacturing site has been created.

In addition, the companies will advance the development of the service while conducting testing at the TOPPAN Group’s manufacturing sites and considering use cases.

The industry expects the metaverse to be a major part of next-generation information infrastructure. Most importantly, the market in Japan is likely to reach ¥1 trillion in 2026. On the other hand, the global market reaching ¥124 trillion in 2030. Pilot projects and the provision of services are expanding in various fields, including business, entertainment, education, and the arts and culture. Metaverse emerges as a platform for potentially enabling global communities and economic zones. Nonetheless, there are currently numerous challenges to address for the provision of practicable services as part of global expansion. This includes the development of infrastructure and local user