HORIBA STEC Releases New Mass Flow Modules

HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. has released the D700T and D700μF as new models of the next-generation pressure mass flow module CRITERION Series.

Amid the miniaturization and three-dimensional structuring of advanced semiconductor devices, there is a need for more advanced gas control performance that contributes to improved productivity and yield. Mainly, the two new models are high-end models of the CRITERION Series. Both products meet the demand for high-speed response and low-flow control.

HORIBA STEC is a leading manufacturer of mass flow modules with a global market share of approximately 60%.

The D700T mass flow module achieves the industry’s fastest settling time of less than 0.1 seconds in the entire control flow range from step up to step down when switching the supplied gas. Meanwhile, the D700μF allows ultra-small flow control of a minimum of 0.0025 SCCM when gas is supplied to the chamber.

D700T Mass Flow Module

Specifically, D700T uses a twin-valve structure for the first time in the series. Also, it adopts a newly developed advanced flow control algorithm. Accordingly, it achieved the industry’s fastest flow level of less than 0.1 seconds in the entire control flow range. It can shorten the gas switching time in continuous processes and contribute to improving productivity.

Next-generation pressure mass flow module “CRITERION D700T”

Also, it can self-diagnose flow accuracy, pressure sensors, and control valves over time without removing the mass flow module from the semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

In addition, the pressure-insensitive function has been improved. Specifically, instantaneous fluctuations in upstream pressure that occur during gas inflow do not affect this function. Also, the effects of minute pressure fluctuations on the downstream side of the gas supply to the chamber were suppressed. Additionally, the flow rate control was further stabilized.

With the industry’s highest level of ±8% accuracy and ±0.15% repeatability, it is possible to reduce the difference between semiconductor manufacturing equipment and improve yield.

D700μF Mass Flow Module

Meanwhile, D700μF enables high-precision measurement and control of ultra-small flow rates as low as 0.025 SCCM. This resulted from the use of newly developed components specialized for low flow measurement and a new flow rate reference device.

Greater process performance where minute flow control, such as advanced memory processes, affects yield. It also reduces gas consumption and contributes to reducing environmental impact.