FANUC Robot Controller Paves Way for Smart Factories

FANUC Corporation has released the FANUC R-50iA robot controller, which made its global debut at the 2023 International Robot Exhibition. The R-50iA is the world’s* first robot controller to offer cyber security along with a wide range of enhancements and new intelligent features designed to maximize robot performance. It is an update of the existing platform R-30iB – the first in 11 years.

* According to FANUC’s research

FANUC R-50iA robot controller

R-50iA Enhancements

Powerful control performance

The new robot controller features enhanced robot control performance. Specifically, it exhibits doubled accuracy of the signal output and sensor tracking on the robot’s motion path. Thus, it enables precision work with higher command resolution, needed for applications such as gluing, which have been increasingly used in recent years.

Built-in vision

Also, it features Improved built-in vision without any additional PCs by increasing camera resolution to 5-million-pixels – four times the current version, significantly increasing the robot’s field of view. In addition, the camera connection to the R-50iA is unified to the Ethernet. This allows the newly designed waterproof camera with LED illumination to be controlled using a single Ethernet cable.

Energy savings

The reduced power consumption of the R-50iA controller is courtesy of a new amplifier with low-loss power element and a low-power fan. In addition, a new eco mode function on the controller enables reduction of the robot’s power consumption with easy selection.

R-50iA New Features

Cyber security

Moreover, the new robot controller features significantly strengthened security functions. Also, it obtained the world’s* first third-party certification for international cyber security on a robot controller: IEC62443-4-1 and 4-2. Thus, it supports increased security demand in the production line by secure web and file transfers, built-in firewalls, etc. In addition, the R-50iA has password user authentication, making it more convenient to manage user groups in the field while preventing unauthorized access.

* According to FANUC’s research

Robot system setup support functions

FANUC R-50iA robot controller also has expanded functionality to build automation systems more easily. Key to this feature is its ability to execute Python* scripts alone, which are popular for system integration. By using Python*’s samples, it’s easier to customize a system, such as outputting data during program execution, thus saving customers valuable time and integration costs. In addition, the R-50iA controller supports software PLC functions that comply with international standards, communicates signal processes in six different languages, including ladder and structured text, and can be used as a core element of an automated system.

* “Python” is a registered trademark of the Python Software Foundation.

Remote maintenance

Remote maintenance from FANUC service location is possible by connecting a smartphone to the R-50iA controller. FANUC’s experienced service representatives will provide advice on robot settings, alarm conditions and programs while protecting customers’ important information using highly confidential and secure communication methods.

The FANUC’s new robot controller R-50iA will promote smart factories with the latest functions.

FANUC’s new R-50iA robot controller will start mass production in February 2024.