Mitsubishi’s New Tool Enhances Automation Process

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has introduced its FA Integrated Selection tool as a configuration resource for its customers. Essentially, the new tool provides customers with a more user-friendly way of digging through catalogs and manuals to select components.

The Factory Automation (FA) Integrated Selection Tool allows customers to plan and configure their Mitsubishi Electric machines, resulting in a downloadable Bill of Materials (BOM).

The FA Selection tool allows users to configure their system by device or network type and includes Mitsubishi Electric PLCs, VFDs, Remote I/O, HMIs, Servos, and cables. Moreover, customers can configure 1 axis or 1000 and visualize the configuration with a system configuration diagram.

Promotes Efficiency

With FA Integrated Selection Tool, it is possible to check product combinations without referring to manuals. A “selection result” that is convenient when requesting a purchase quote can also be created. In addition, the tool is available on the browser from the Mitsubishi Electric FA Global website.

Users can easily perform various calculations required when checking product combinations and selecting models without looking at catalogs or manuals. Furthermore, they can create a “selection result” that is convenient when requesting a purchase quote.

Once configured, the tool will output a list of selected product model names, quantities, and item descriptions. The BOM can be used to expedite the quoting process for sales engineers, application engineers, inside sales associates, and other members of the organization.

Dan Zachacki, Product Manager Servo & Motion at Mitsubishi Electric Automation, said one of the daunting challenges when configuring BOM is selecting the accessories.

“The FA Integrated Selection Tool simplifies this process by filtering results to only display compatible items and helps users discover potentially missing items before placing an order. Thus, reducing time and mistakes for users of all levels of experience,” said Zachacki.