Mitsubishi Electric Launches New App for FA Products

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a free mobile application, available for iOS and Android platforms, for searching and comparing the company’s factory automation products. Accordingly, this makes it easier to quickly identify relevant products to aid digital manufacturers.

The list of supported products includes items such as computerized numerical controllers (CNCs), and industrial and collaborative robots. Moreover, it covers electrical discharge machines (EDMs), devices that support energy saving, and selected human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

Mitsubishi Electric launches its “Factory Automation SPEC Search” mobile app to support the selection and comparison of factory automation products.

Offers Ease of Use

Following the release of the Japanese version of the mobile app, the English “Factory Automation SPEC Search” app of Mitsubishi Electric is now available in India, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan through the App Store and Google Play. After this initial English release of the app, the company plans to continuously add more products as it matures.

The mobile app enables users to search for products by model names or specifications. At the same time, it allows to browse product features and compare product specifications. In addition, such information can be viewed offline after the initial access, supporting users to continue to check product information easily with their smartphone when they might be offline, out of the office or without a PC or a product catalog.

Mitsubishi Electric’s Factory Automation SPEC Search app allows offline searching.

e-F@ctory is Mitsubishi Electric’s integrated concept to build reliable and flexible manufacturing systems that enable users to achieve many of their high speed, information driven manufacturing aspirations.

Through its partner solution activity, the e-F@ctory Alliance, and its work with open network associations such as The CC-Link Partners Association (CLPA), users can build comprehensive solutions based on a wide ranging “best in class” principle.

In summary, e-F@ctory and the e-F@ctory Alliance enable customers to achieve integrated manufacturing but still retain the ability to choose the most optimal suppliers and solutions.