DigiKey Gains New Suppliers, 1.7 Million Parts in 2023

DigiKey expanded its portfolio in 2023 by adding more than 450 new suppliers across their core business in the DigiKey Marketplace and Fulfilled by DigiKey program.

Particularly, the company added more than 1.7 million new accessible parts. These include 230,000+ parts with inventory available to sell across its core business in 2023.

DigiKey is a leading global commerce distributor offering the largest selection of technical components and automation products in stock for immediate shipment.

Diversity of Products

Mike Slater, Vice President of Global Business Development, said 2023 was a year of record-breaking innovation for DigiKey. Particularly, Slater said the year further reinforced their position as the distribution leader of a vast and expanding selection of components across many product groups.

DigiKey introduced more than 450 new suppliers and 1.7 new accessible parts in 2023. (Image Credit: DigiKey)

In addition, Slater said, “As we look forward to 2024, inventory is stabilizing and returning to a state of normalcy. Supporting DigiKey’s commitment to accelerate progress for every designer, buyer, and builder by offering the largest supplier portfolio and widest product offering.”

The company also continues to expand the diversity of its products and suppliers in new product categories. Particularly, with its DigiKey Marketplace, a single source for all aspects of technology innovation, including bare PCBs, industrial automation, test and measurement, IoT solutions and virtually all things related and adjacent to technology innovation, all through a singular shopping experience. Marketplace products typically ship within 1 to 5 days directly from the supplier.

Some of the key new product introductions added to the DigiKey line card in 2023 include Banner’s Asset Monitoring Gateway with CLOUD IDMolex’s Loxon Locking Quick DisconnectsInfineon’s PSoC 4000T MicrocontrollersTagore’s TP44200NM GaN FETWürth Elektronik’s push-pull transformers, and more. Core suppliers continued to expand their offerings, adding new products from a variety of divisions.

DigiKey is an authorized distributor of electronic components for more than 2,900 industry-leading suppliers, ensuring engineers, designers, procurement professionals and builders that the products they order are authentic and come to DigiKey directly from the manufacturer.