TDK Ventures Invests in Singapore's Amperesand

TDK Corporation has announced that its subsidiary TDK Ventures Inc. is investing in Amperesand, a Singaporean start up on electricity infrastructure solutions. In addition, the investment includes its grid infrastructure solutions powered by innovative solid-state transformer (SST) technology. Specifically, it delivers megawatt-scale DC charging solutions for the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Amperesand is a spun out of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU) and a world-class team with decades of industry experience in power systems supports the company. Moreover, it delivers critical improvements to EV charging infrastructure hardware that will support rapidly expanding electrification across fleets, consumer vehicles, ports, and beyond.

Amperesand’s containerized solid-state transformers (SST) solutions

Transformers are pivotal in the power distribution infrastructure, essential for global electrification. More so, they are critical in the EV sector to ensure the correct form of power is delivered at the right location. With growing demands for electrification, the predominantly alternative current (AC) grid faces challenges. Among them are greatly increased direct current (DC) loads, aging infrastructure, transformer shortages, and increased project costs (due to labor, materials, permitting, etc.). Such issues represent an urgent technical challenge to continued progress as grid infrastructure must keep pace with rapid growth in electricity demand from EV fast charging in the near term, and industry and homes in the long term.

Mainly, Amperesand’s technology is a game-changer, addressing critical pain points in the electrification landscape. Their containerized SSTs directly connect to the distribution grid. Also, they have a customizable mixed AC/DC output, bidirectional power flow, very small footprint, enhanced flexibility, and improved reliability. These revolutionize how high-capacity DC loads, such as EV charging stations, connect to the grid. Specifically, this technology not only meets the current demands but is also adaptable to the future needs of a highly variable and distributed grid, setting a new standard in the field of power distribution.

“We are thrilled to partner with Amperesand, a company tackling a critical issue that threatens the entirety of global electrification,” said Nicolas Sauvage, President of TDK Ventures. “Their solid-state transformer technology has the potential to shore up power infrastructure to handle the already present EV future and do so in an efficient, reliable, sustainable way. Amperesand’s combination of product versatility, market focus, and potential for long-term revenue growth through grid services and bidirectional charging makes them an ideal investment choice.”

Mainly, TDK Ventures is investing in Amperesand with an aligned vision of ushering in a positive and sustainable energy transformation worldwide.  In doing so, it supports the best and brightest innovations in electrification tech. Their initial focus on EV DC fast charging is a key backbone enabler for multi-sector EV technology adoption. Also, it addresses key logistic and economic challenges that would otherwise plague development.

“We are excited about the investment and support from TDK Ventures,” said Anshuman Tripathi, PhD, Co-Founder of Amperesand. “Their belief in our solution and vision for electrification is a significant validation of our efforts. With TDK Ventures alongside us, we are confident in bringing our infrastructure solutions to the forefront of the electrification revolution, starting with the megawatt-scale EV DC fast-charging market.”

TDK Ventures invests globally in early-stage startups that leverage fundamental materials science to unlock an attractive and sustainable future for the planet. It aims to impact the scale of every startup it invests in. Thus, it achieves its full potential and accelerates a positive future for the world. It is an active investor in materials science startups since 2020. Since then, TDK Ventures has already seen its portfolio make major contributions at scale; three companies backed by the firm have already gone public or been acquired.