Mitsubishi Boosts Security in New Nozomi Networks Deal

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has reached an agreement with Nozomi Networks Inc, a developer and distributor of operational technology (OT) security solutions. Particularly, the two companies will jointly pursue OT security initiatives including marketing and technical development.

As part of the agreement, Mitsubishi Electric has acquired an equity stake in Nozomi Networks.

Accelerates Digital Manufacturing

Mitsubishi Electric will integrate its factory automation equipment and OT security solutions with Nozomi Networks’ OT network visualization and intrusion-detection technologies. For that reason, creating OT security solutions that enhance both robust security and continuous system operation.

In addition, comprehensive OT security measures range from visualization/intrusion detection to network defense. Thus, realizing remote access by incorporating the products and technologies of Mitsubishi Electric partners TXOne (since December 2023) and Dispel (since February 2024).

Scope of collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric and Nozomi Networks

By providing more secure environments for the use of OT data, Mitsubishi Electric aims to accelerate digital manufacturing. Specifically, it will tap data throughout entire product lifecycles, from design and installation to operation and maintenance. Hence, strengthening the company’s Circular Digital-Engineering business.

Mitsubishi Electric offers one-stop OT security solutions to protect manufacturing sites from cyberattacks. Moreover, the company has extensive experience with IT security technologies for various industries. These include in-depth knowledge of control equipment and systems, especially for manufacturing, which it provides through a full range of services, from assessment and consulting to countermeasures and operational support.

Strengthens OT/IT Security

Earlier in December, Mitsubishi Electric and TXOne Networks have signed a long-term cooperation agreement covering technology development and marketing. Particularly, the deal aims at expanding the operational-technology (OT) security businesses of both companies.

Through their new collaboration, the two companies aim to create innovative new value in OT security. Specifically, combining Mitsubishi Electric’s assessment, maintenance, and operation services. In addition, control equipment and systems with TXOne’s OT security products. The new OT security solutions are likely to improve manufacturing productivity, efficiency, and safety. At the same time, they also consider security levels throughout the supply chains of various industries.

Last month, Mitsubishi Electric has also signed an agreement with Dispel LLC, a developer and distributor of secure remote-access and operational-management solutions. Specifically, the agreement aims to expand its operational technology (OT) security business through marketing and technical development.

15 March 2024-