Creative Technology Unveils Robot Hand

Creative Technology Corporation introduced Soft Gripper robot hand, which sucks objects using electrostatic force, in RoboDEX Digital ( The company also presented a collaborative robot and other transfer equipment.

RoboDEX Digital is the virtual counterpart of RoboDEX, a well-known exhibition of robotic technologies in Japan

Soft Gripper robot hand

New Suction, Transfer Method

Creative Technology proposed a new suction and transfer method by combining it with the company’s specialized attaching technology. It also introduced a collaborative robot, which can transfer materials that are difficult to be transferred by clamping and vacuuming. It also handles perishable vegetables and fruits, light and soft paper balloons, and heavy and hard bottles.

Aside from Soft Gripper, the company exhibited electrostatic chuck fabric transporter, IonPad gripper, and electrostatic chuck gripper for transferring large substrates.

Electrostatic chuck is a device that sucks and holds silicon wafer, a substrate material used in the semiconductor manufacturing process, regardless if it is on the air or in a vacuum.