Japan Unix Expands Soldering Business

Japan Unix Co., Ltd. has been stepping up global deployment of its soldering business focusing on soldering robots and has been eagerly working to expand the Chinese market. 

Following China’s recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the manufacturing industry has been booming and the demand for mounters has been increasing. “During our participation at NEPCON in Shanghai, we exhibited a laser soldering robot and felt the growing interest in laser,” says Zemin Li, China Office Manager at Japan Unix. 

Zemin Li, China Office Manager, Japan Unix Co., Ltd.

Aside from bases in Japan, the company has sales bases in Shanghai and Shenzhen in China, Seoul in Korea, Taipei in Taiwan, Penang in Malaysia, New Jersey in North America, and Guadalajara in Mexico.  

Japan Unix participated at NEPCON China 2021, an exhibition of surface mounting technologies and products, held at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center from April 21 to 23.  

Laser Soldering Robot on Display

At NEPCON China, Japan Unix exhibited its products in the booth of its distributor WKK China Ltd., highlighting UNIX-DF303L laser soldering robot.  

Laser soldering robot attracts attention at NEPCON China.

Laser soldering robots are capable of contactless soldering and damage neither circuit boards nor electronic components.  

They can perform soldering, which is difficult using conventional iron tip soldering, such as ultrafine parts. They support not only solder wires but also solder pastes.  

In the UNIX-DF Series, Japan Unix offers UNIX-DF203L and UNIX-DF403L, in addition to the UNIX-DF303L. Connecting the DF Series to a personal computer network in the factory achieves visualization with the use of Soldering Manager, an automated soldering total management support software. 

It can automatically store images incorporated by a compact USB camera and numerical information of the laser soldering robot in operation. Soldering data can be stored in QR code of the target product, allowing its use for analysis of defects and reviewing of change points on later dates.  

Li says, “I would like to expand the demand for laser soldering robots to China’s 3C (computer, communications, and consumer electronics) market. In particular, I would like to sell our company’s soldering robots to smartphone manufacturers, Xiaomi Corp., which have been increasing production in China as they cannot operate their Indian plants because of the increasing novel coronavirus infections there.” 

Recently, Japan Unix relocated a sales base in Shanghai to the vicinity of Shanghai station in Jing’an District, and increased the number of staff. Recently, the number of customers has been increasing in the Suzhou District, where there are many industrial estates. The company will bolster sales activities in the district by assigning an exclusive person to be in charge.