Ono Sokki Launches Remote Monitoring System via Cloud

Ono Sokki Co., Ltd. has launched a new remote monitoring system with advanced functions. Primarily, this latest system is an upgraded version of a web application released in 2020, which monitors the status of vehicle testing. Further improvements have been made to the monitoring function, like remote monitoring of the operational status of on-board tests, and history function, like alarm history and report output, to meet the challenges of mobility testing sites.

Also, it is compatible with the new FAMS-R6 automatic measurement and control system. In addition, users can choose between an on-premise (owned by the company) and a cloud-based server for management according to their environment of use and purpose. The addition of cloud-compatible functions allows easy introduction of web applications.

Schematic diagram of the remote monitoring system

Mainly, the newly launched product targets automobile manufacturers, automobile parts manufacturers, and agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers with automotive bench-top testing equipment and component evaluation facilities.

Automatic Data Collection

Particularly, the remote monitoring system from Ono Sokki allows users to monitor multiple bench-top test facilities from any location via camera images. Measurement data is automatically collected and managed. This improves the efficiency of laboratory operations and facilitates data capitalization. Also, the system efficiently supports testing facilities with functions such as the test schedule screen, which shows the test schedules of multiple facilities at a glance, and the test plan registration screen, which allows instructions to be linked to work procedures.

Also, the data management screen enables the search of collected and managed data, while users can easily select the required data. When an abnormality occurs in the equipment, it is reported by e-mail and other means. This enables the system to quickly detect an abnormality even during unmanned operation.

Compatible with FAMS-R6

Additionally, the new product is compatible with Ono Sokki’s latest automatic measurement and control system, FAMS-R6.

Ono Sokki
FAMS-R6 automatic measurement and control system

Testing the entire vehicle and individual powertrain units on the bench is possible with the new system. This is done by combining FAMS-R6 with the Real car transient test system (RealCar Simulation Bench), which can evaluate the performance of next-generation vehicles without including tire factors. Also, it can be linked with the Chassis dynamometer for vehicles, which can reproduce road conditions and evaluate the performance of four-wheel vehicles with high precision, and the Power-train transient test system, which can evaluate the powertrain of HEVs (hybrid vehicles) and EVs (electric vehicles).

This is an English translation of a Japanese article originally published in Dempa Shimbun Daily.

-02 April 2024-