Mitsubishi Electric Pitches New Robot Model

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. has released a new addition to the MELFA RV-CR family of industrial robots, the RV-12CRL model. Specifically, the new RV-12CRL industrial robot features a large moment/inertia and an extensive number of inputs/outputs for gripper control. Accordingly, this enables the stable transfer of large workpieces using grippers that require multiple cylinders and pads.

RCV-CR Series feature

Maximum Performance in Minimum Space

Slim and compact

The RV-12CRL industrial robot features a smooth, curved design that complements the slim arm and compact joints.

High scalability

Also, it supports a wide variety of functions and options such as the tracking function, additional axis control, 2D vision sensor, force sensor, 3D vision sensor, MELFA Smart Plus, and network base card. Thus, these features enable the MELFA RV-CR Series to meet needs in various situations. Additionally, the new robot offers maximum load capacity of 8kg and 2kg.

Also, the new RV-12CRL comes with robot controllers CR800-CVD (RV-8CRL) as standalone type and CR800-12CVD (RV-12CRL).

RV-CR series lineup

Robot Controller

The new robot controllers from Mitsubishi Electric feature improved controller performance. The control cycles on CR800 Series controllers take just half the current time, improving robot control performance. Accordingly, the faster calculation speed gives better robot processing capacity and shorter cycle times for better productivity. Integration with the various sensors also makes precision operation possible.

CR800 robot controller

D type controller

The CR800-D standalone controller is similar to existing models. Specifically, it enables the construction of cells using robot controllers as the control nucleus. Also, it comes with various interfaces as standard, allowing customers to build a system optimized for their applications.

-04 April 2024-