Universal Revs up Innovative Suite With New Value Adds

Universal Instruments has been offering solutions that cover a wide range of high-precision assembly needs. Particularly, in the fields of precision automation, advanced packaging, to traditional to complex PCB assembly.

In all this, the company has been employing cutting-edge smart manufacturing systems that help manufacturers improve their overall operations. 

At the 2024 IPC APEX EXPO, which will take place from April 9 to 11 at the Anaheim Convention Center in California, Universal will showcase its full lineup of electronics assembly automation. Specifically, the company will show its industry benchmark Fuzion® Platform and versatile Uflex® automation platform, as well as its new value-driven Omni™ Inserter. Moreover, the company’s IQ360™ factory software suite will also take the spotlight.

Propelling Intelligent Solutions

Fuzion delivers a low cost per placement for any product mix, from traditional to complex PCBA and odd-form to various semiconductor applications. Thus, the Fuzion portfolio supports a range of production environments. This includes extra-capacity (XC) models with up to 272 feeder inputs to support multiple products in NPI and high-speed models with 30-spindle placement heads and up to 66,500cph.

On the other hand, Uflex accommodates an array of process modules, as well as a wide variety of feeding options to perform virtually any automation task. It supports up to four independent process modules on a single gantry, including vacuum or pneumatic placement, screw driving, UV curing, dispensing, and more.

For more basic automation tasks, the Omni Inserter offers simplified operation and single-process efficiency. Specifically, it leverages a linear motor positioning system and a host of intelligent features. Hence, delivering accurate, high-speed insertion of axial, radial and other odd-form components.

Meanwhile, the IQ360 Software Suite is a full complement of smart factory modules designed to control, monitor, and improve production efficiency. It comprised of Design & NPI, Material Management, Production Control, and Monitoring & Analytics modules. Moreover, IQ360 offers individual capability bundles that meet specific factory requirements, providing a true “connected factory” production environment.

“SMT processes are already highly automated. (However), end-of-line and back-end processes can be predominantly manual and highly inefficient,” said Glenn Farris, Universal Instruments Vice President, Global Customer Operations and Corporate Marketing. “Typical high-volume customers note that these processes account for <5% of total placements but the majority of all rework.”

Furthermore, Farris said, “The key is to alleviate these inefficiencies with intelligent solutions that align with the operators’ level of automation experience.”

-5 April 2024-