ASMPT Lineup to Offer Better Manufacturing Concept

ASMPT will present its software and hardware innovations at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center in time for NEPCON China 2024. Particularly, the focus will be on the company’s data-driven, integrative intelligent factory approach as well as new placement technologies for advanced packaging applications.

“Integration is one of the most important trends in electronics manufacturing today. This applies both to the way data is used and to the production of SiP modules,” explains Eric Zhao, Senior Manager of Regional Marketing, Greater China at ASMPT SMT. “We offer electronics manufacturers precisely the combination of hardware and software solutions they need to operate successfully in the rapidly growing markets for advanced packaging applications.”

The SIPLACE TX micron can now also be operated with the SIPLACE Tray Unit, which allows trays to be refilled without having to interrupt the production run. Image source: ASMPT

Greater ROI through integration

The intelligent factory concept developed by ASMPT relies on the integrative use of data across multiple production lines. Particularly, via standardized interfaces. such as IPC-2591 CFX. Thihs approach allows data from ASMPT equipment and third-party systems for us in deeper analysis and optimization. Thus, it optimizes processes, minimizes errors, and improves material flows. Moreover, it deploys employees based on their qualifications in a highly effective manner.

SMDs and dies on the same line

“Modern SiP production brings two areas together that used to be strictly separate,” adds Zhao. Integrated modules can now process both SMDs and dies, which is why modern placement machines must be able to handle both component types and do so with a level of accuracy and speed that can keep up with modern high-speed SMT lines.” Industry professionals can experience what this looks like at the ASMPT booth, where two new and highly innovative placement machines will be demonstrated in action:


The latest generation of the SIPLACE TX micron processes sensitive dies with the same speed and reliability as SMDs. Thanks to its individually adjustable placement forces and maximum accuracy. Moreover, the high-resolution cameras for internal quality control have also been adapted to accommodate the expanded range of components.

The SIPLACE CA2 can pay for itself in only one year by saving 800 kilometers of tape in a 24/7 SiP production environment. Image source: ASMPT


ASMPT goes one step further with the SIPLACE CA2 placement machine, which will also be prominently featured at the company’s booth. By being able to take dies directly from a pre-separated wafer, it eliminates a complete process step because dies no longer need to be taped. The SIPLACE CA2 can process 50 different wafers with a changeover time of only 10 seconds. Thus, the elimination of taping saves not only time and money, but also makes electronics manufacturing more sustainable. This is because it reduces the amount of tape waste.

Holistic, data-driven, connected

Zhao sees electronics manufacturing more than ever as an integrated whole. Particularly, Zhao said companies that implement the intelligent factory principle consistently can get more out of their existing manufacturing equipment.

Interested visitors can find out what this looks like in practice from the ASMPT experts at the company’s booth. In live demonstrations, they can see how ASMPT’s hardware and software interact. In addition, how isolated structures come together to form an integrated whole, and how the intelligent factory becomes reality step by step.

-16 April 2024-